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Can my Child’s School Be Held Liable for Bullying – Private and Public School Responsibility for Bullying

Can my Child’s School Be Held Liable for Bullying – Private and Public School Responsibility for Bullying Bullying is a continuing problem facing hundreds of thousands of children enrolled in private and public schools.  Recent California Legislation has set ground rules which schools must follow once they have actionable knowledge of bullying in a school. Seth’s Law – California Anti Gay and Homosexual School Bullying Law:  Seth’s law is a new anti bullying law that helps protect California public school children.  The law required public school in California to update anti-bullying policies, with a specific focus on preventing and reducing the prevalence of bullying against the Gay Lesbian and Transgender community enrolled in California Public Schools.  Also School districts are compelled by Seth’s law to  adopt a process for receiving and investigating complaints of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, or bullying. To learn more about School Bullying Laws and Liability of School visit here. Los Angeles Unified School District guidelines on School Bullying in District Schools: In response to a recent increase in the exposure of bullying in schools the Los Angeles Unified School district has enacted new guidelines for the prevention of bullying and proper response once acts of bullying  have been reported or discovered.   For more information on LAUSD Bullying Guidelines Click here. School Responsibility and Liability:  Under California Law Bullying can be defined as attacks by an individual or a group of individual with a perceived or actual imbalance of power against a weaker individual or group of individuals.  If your son or daughter has been bullied in school and the school district has failed to take action you may be able to file a lawsuit against the your child’s school district. Getting Help: Protecting your child’s rights to a safe and harassment free classroom is a responsibility of every parent and guardian. If you suspect your child has been bullied, harassed or discriminated in school contact our attorneys.  We will protect your child’s rights.


my 9 year old is being bullied. He is in a private school in Bellflower Ca The classmate in question when he gets upset he bites his forearm and put his face inches from your face. We have been told that the other classmates are use to it and just walk away. It has been escalating and just got phyisical Please advise Help

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