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Riverside Apartment Complex Fires forces evacuation of all residence

Riverside Apartment Complex Fires forces evacuation of all residence A massive fire raged through a apartment complex in Riverside California overnight forcing the evacuation of dozens of residence. The apartment complex sits on the corner of Olivewood avenue and Panorama road just off the Riverside Freeway (91) and a few short blocks away from Riverside Community college just to the north. The Riverside fire department quickly responded to the five alarm fire and were successful at containing the fire to two apartment units and evacuating all the affected residents of the complex. According to the riverside fire department there were reports of individuals trapped on the premises as the fire was raging, however upon a complete investigation of the complex no trapped individuals were discovered. There was no report is burn injuries or smoke inhalation from the fire however a rough estimate of the property damage due to the fire was measured at around $100,000. The local police and fire department have begun conducting initial investigations as to the cause of the fire which according to residence started in one of the complexes ground floor units.
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