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Amputations Caused by Nail Salon Infection | Injury Lawsuit

Amputations Caused by Nail Salon Infection | Injury Lawsuit Nail salon infections are all too common. Customers enter into a nail salon and are often exposed to seriously unsanitary conditions which can result in significant injuries. Many times technicians at nail salons are not properly trained and fail to keep clean certain tools which they use. In certain circumstances this can lead more than just a minor infection. Some clients can contract dangerous infections such as MRSA which is permanent and harmful. Other infections can require long term antibiotics to treat or more evasive procedures to correct. In any case you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and should consult with a nail salon infection attorney at Downtown L.A. Law.

Amputation from Nail Salon Infection

Amputations from a nail salon can occur when the infection is aggressive and spreads  without proper treatment. Generally these infections can occur when the technician performs and aggressive exfoliation of the feet or hand. This will leave the skin thin and more likely to spread causing bleeding. In other cases customers have reported that surgical type tools/equipment have been used to perform the procedure. As a result serious cuts resulted, which were exposed to certain unsanitary conditions at the nail salon causing the infection to spread. If the region of the skin becomes severely infected it may be required that an amputation take place. Certain infections are so dangerous that no amount of antibiotic or penicillin can cure. Many times treatment will not be available immediately and the infection has already spread. As a result doctors may be forced to amputate the infected area to avoid it from spreading. Amputations are recoverable if causation can be proven. Causation is showing a link between the infection and the nail salon negligence. In order to properly show a link you must conduct a thorough investigation. Certain injuries or infections are common at nail salons and that in itself may be sufficient. However, a deep investigation of your medical records must be conducted.

Infection after Nail Salon Visit

In other cases where MRSA was contracted technicians were found to have the MRSA infection, but still performed the services without notifying the clients of the potential risk. Additionally, the exposed wounds were more likely to contract the infection. MRSA is considered a serious staph infection, which is resistant to antibiotics and is spread through skin-to-skin contact. MRSA is considered a permanent infection which recipients must deal with for a lifetime. Other types of infections such as mycobacteriam fortuitum or cellulites are also common. These are both skin infections caused by bacteria, which can lead to fevers, tenderness and inflammation. If you have been injured or contracted any of the following infections contact a personal injury lawyer for your rights.

Filing a Claim

If you have been injured contact Downtown L.A. Law group for a free case evaluation. We have the resources and experience to evaluate your case. We will take steps to identify the responsible parties and fight to maximize the value of your case. It is always required that you seek medical attention for your injuries. Speak to your physician in order to fully understand the extent of your injuries. You are not qualified to make any medical assessments and must take steps to ensure your health.


My finger is swollen and looks infection from going to the nail shop. I’m going to the er so they can treat it


My nails is swellon,turn dark on base of my 4 nails,and my skin around my nail is irritated. I have taken oral med from my doc. for over 10mo. now. I don’t know what to do now help!!


Left the salon with bleeding under my skin along with some stinging. A week has passed and the blood is gone but it looks like the infection is eating away at my skin underneath my toes. I went to the urgent care and was giving powder and cream but I’m really starting to think I need to do something else. What kind of infection is this? Should I suck it up and go to EMS? Should I get a lawyer involved?

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