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Actos Statute of Limitations: How Long to file Lawsuit

Drug Defect Statute of Limitations There are many different dangerous side effects caused by that taking of the diabetes medication Actos including Kidney failure, hear disease including heart attacks and bladder cancer from Actos.

How long do I have to file an Actos Lawsuit?

Every case has what is known as a timely filing deadline. What this means is that you have a certain amount of time to file the case. If the case is not filed within the set period of time then you are prohibited from bringing forward your claim. Actos injury lawsuits must be filed within 1 to 2 years from the date of notice. This time period depends on your state. Notice refers to when you had knowledge of the injury. For example if you started taking Actos in 2007 and were diagnosed with bladder cancer or kidney failure in 2010, you would have 2 years from your diagnosis. However, in certain cases patients are not told of the cause of the injury. Many patients are unaware that the cause of the bladder cancer or kidney failure is a result of taking Actos. In such cases it is possible to argue around the certain timing issues relating to your claim.

What if I learned about Actos lawsuits through a commercial?

Today numerous commercials are informing takers of Actos to seek legal representation for their injuries. Many times Actos users are unaware that their medical issues are a result of taking the drug. And only after watching the TV commercials to they inquire into this matter. In such cases it is likely that there was no notice and the statute would be “tolled”. Tolling of a statute occurs when there are certain circumstances that prohibit invoking your rights. Lack of knowledge would be considered tolling factor, so long as it was reasonable.

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The Ultimate Guide of Statute of Limitations

Premises Liability LawsuitNexium LawsuitRisperdal LawsuitNursing Home LawsuitKnee Replacement LawsuitDefective DrugsPrescription Medication Side Effects LawsuitsMirena IUD Statute of LimitationsEffexor LawsuitsLow Testosterone Treatment Drug Side Effect LawsuitsBone Graft Surgery LawsuitVictoza Pancreatic Cancer ClaimsDePuy ASR Hip Replacement Often times physicians, doctors and hospitals cannot diagnose the root cause of your injury. This can be due to lack of medical history knowledge or other factors. In such users of Actos can toll the filing deadlines and still bring forward a cause of action for their injuries.

Should I join a class action lawsuit?

It is not advisable to join a class action lawsuit for Actos. The reason being that you may limit your individual recovery. Class action lawsuits pay each member of the class equally regardless of the extent of their injuries. Thus a member of the class who is suffering from stage-five kidney failure and one with less to minimal injuries may be awarded the same amount. Additionally, class action lawsuits fail to take into consideration your individual needs. Many Actos users may require long-term health care, which should be considered in any settlement offer.

How much is my claim worth?

Actos lawsuits Statute of Limitations
Actos has been linked to many dangerous side effects including kidney failure bladder cancer and heart failure
Actos claims can range in value depending on the type and category of injury. Each claim must be assessed and evaluated in order to determine the treatment and care needed to deal with the injury. For example Actos kidney failure claims will likley be based on the severity of the renal failure, the cost of rehabilitation, necessity of transplant,as well as several other factors. To better understand the value of your Actos claim contact our offices for a free consultation. Our Los Angeles Actos injury lawyers are here to help.

How much will it cost to higher an attorney?

Our fees are based entirely on our success and we DO NOT charge a fee unless we are successful. We work on a contingency fee. What this means is that our firm will forward all cost of litigation and upon recovery or settlement take a percentage of the ultimate award. If there is no award you pay absolutely nothing. Part of our success believing in our clients and we are willing to take a chance to pursue their rights. It is my belief that innocent victims should be entitled to proper legal representation and we fight daily to protect and ensure those rights.

Contacting Downtown L.A. Law Group Actos Attorneys

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