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Statute of Limitations Nursing Home Lawsuit

Statute of Limitations Nursing Home Lawsuit A Statute of Limitations refers to the time limit an individual has to file a lawsuit for damages in the court of law. barring tolling exception, the Failure to file a claim within the statutory allotted time will result in a denial of the claim for recovery. The rise in the elderly population has contributed to an increase in Nursing home abuse and elderly care injury claims across the country. It is vital to seek legal counsel in such matter before the statute of limitations bars recovery for damages. Statute of Limitations for Civil Personal Injury Claims in the State of California Code of Civil Procedure, §335.1 – 2 years from the date of the negligent or intentional act Tolling of the Statute – Exceptions to the Statutory Deadline to File a Claim in California Courts – California Law allows for exceptions to statutory limitations for filing a civil lawsuit in certain instances including
  • Mental Incapacitation following the injury
  • Physical Incapacitation following the injury
  • The injury did not manifest itself until a later time after the act of abuse of negligence took place – under these circumstances the statute of limitations will run from the date where the injured party knew or should have known of the injury
Statute of Limitation for Wrongful Death Due to Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Information - Elder Abuse AttorneyCalifornia civil law allows for compensation by relative of individuals who have died due to the negligent or intentional (criminal) actions of others. Under California Code of Civil Procedure 377.60-377.62 persons who can bring a wrongful death cause of action include “the decedent’s surviving spouse, domestic partner, children, and issue of deceased children, or, if there is no surviving issue of the decedent, the persons, including the surviving spouse or domestic partner, who would be entitled to the property of the decedent by intestate succession”.
  • Statute of Limitations Wrongful Death – 2 years from the date of the incident ; Code of Civil Procedure, §335.1;
  • Statute of Limitation for Medical malpractice Wrongful Death  – 3 years from the date of the malpractice;  Code of Civil Procedure, §340.5
Speaking to an Attorney Regarding Nursing Home Abuse or Injury Lawsuits Elderly victims of abuse and negligence are often some of the most vulnerable in our society. Our firm cares for the rights of the elderly and will aggressively fight for their representation. Our attorneys will make sure that your rights are protected and will take measures to alert the proper authorities and take all needed measures to ensure their future safety.


My father wound up at the hospital w/104.7 temp in sepsis shock,pnemonia,respirtory failure and was immediately put on life support (ventilator,nasal feeding tube)for 7 weeks.The Dr. said he was terminal and had 6 mon.or less to live,recommened hospice.We decided to take him off life support and he just passed on July 19th.Do you think the nursing home should have realized how sick he was and taken action much sooner? They said it happened suddenly ?He also had pressure ulcers from them not changing his diapers.He had sounded weak and groggy months earlier and they said it was from all the new psych meds the dr prescribed? There were never any care plan meetings like most nursing homes have informing me of what his condition was?I had asked many times for them to contact dr and advise them I felt my Dad was way over medicated,he could not even talk clearly anymore(mumbling),they said it was meds? I also have many other concerns but its too late now my Dad is dead.If you feel any of this sounds suspicious please contact me and tell me what rights I have.I would hate for another family to go threw what I have.I loved my Dad yet he is gone now.Thank you for your time. Nancy


neglect in nursingfacility in florida caused death of my son march 16th 2012 is it too late to file a suit against the home?


My husband suffered a hemrogephic stroke. Ended up in a nursing home…died 18 das later as a result of the nursing home’s neglect to address his/my complaint he felt sick. On Sunday. Concerned about a Bld clot nurse ignoring my concern, kept saying my husband was doing well. Failed to call the dr or take my husband to the hospital as I had requested. Instead, I received a t/c from the nursing home on Monday , “Your husband is dead !”

I can’t bring my husband bk, but don’t want anyone to go thru this horrific experience, only because the nursing home either don’t have enough help or don’t care? I love my husband n miss him tremendously.

Pls help me


yes I had a similar incident that happened to my Dad.Yet the nursing home waited till my Dad was in full cardiac arrest, could not breathe,he had a temp of 104.7 when he arrived and he was then sent to the ICU and was put on life support for 2 months when I decided to remove him off all the machines.He died 5 hrs later.I feel the nursing home was responsible for not moving faster.He died of sessis, a undiagnosed,untreated urinary tract infection.He had several heart attacks from lack of oxygen.I would like to sue them


Yes I would like to sue the nursing home for lack of quality care which resulted in my Dads death July 2015.Can you recommend someone to take my case? I have all medical records.


does dtla represent clients in the state of Alabama


November 20, 2016at 9:25 pm Reply
does dtla represent clients in the state of Alabama

    On certain case’s we can assist, however it depend’s on the facts.


My mother ended up in the ICU due to neglect and only went to the ER after I phoned an outside physician to review her labs. In teh ICU they removed a brace which was on her leg for a tiny fracture – however the SNF/Rehab had left it on 24/7 and given her an “unstageable” pressure sore. She went to the ER and then the ICU due to severe dehydration and her kidney function was failing. She was lethargic and could not eat and the SNF/Rehab stated repeatedly that it was her AZ disease causing this. I disagreed which is why I phoned the outside doctor to review her lab work. Upon review, the MD immediately called the SNF/Rehab and told them to send her to the ER. My mother had lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks at the SNF in addition to losing all function and declining in health. All of this was precipitated by her getting the flu at the facility and then being neglected. Now my mother is slowly recovering after being discharged from the hospital to a new rehab which we sought out. However, I intend to pursue a complaint against the facility that caused her to end up in ICU and also have a pressure sore on her leg. I have already contacted one law firm that encouraged me to contact a local lawyer but they didn’t want the case. For me, this is not about monetary damages but rather, holding the facility accountable for it’s neglect.


My uncle went into kidney failure because of lack of and had many bedsores. He just pass away yesterday. Do I have a case?

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