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If you or someone you know was sexually abused while attending the One Step A La Vez Teen Center, you may have grounds to sue the organization for monetary damages. We want to ensure that you are aware of your rights as a sex abuse victim, whether or not you choose to go ahead with a lawsuit.

One Step A La Vez was founded in 2007 by Lynn Edmonds, who wanted to tackle issues like drug abuse, poverty, and domestic violence, which were prevalent in the communities of Fillmore and Piru. The center focuses on helping teens who were in need of a safe place to go to after school, but they also engage in community outreach services by partnering with various social service providers.

It’s an unfortunate reality, but programs that are meant to help children are the ones that are most likely to attract child abusers. In fact, these predators know that children from low-income areas and backgrounds of abuse and neglect are the easiest to groom and manipulate into a sexual relationship. That’s why program directors and staff must have protocols in place to prevent incidents of sexual misconduct and ensure that kids are protected if there are signs or complaints of sexual abuse.

If negligence and misconduct by the administrators at One Step A La Vez was a factor in the abuse you suffered, you have the right to sue the organization for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other damages. But first, you will need to learn about your rights from a child sexual abuse attorney, which is where we can be of help. Contact DTLA Law Group and schedule a free consultation if you were sexually abused at the One Step A La Vez Teen Center.

One Step A La Vez Sexual Abuse Lawyer compensation incident liability
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Can I Sue One Step A La Vez for Child Sexual Abuse?

Yes, you may have the right to sue One Step A La Vez if you were sexually abused by another staff member or another adult that’s affiliated with the program. Though the organization isn’t directly responsible for the abuse, they may have failed to take actions that could have prevented the incident. Or, they may not have acted appropriately upon learning about a sexual relationship between you and an adult at the center.

We are not saying that community centers are liable for every incident of child abuse, as they are not psychics that can predict the future. But there are perfectly reasonable measures, like thorough screening procedures and adequate supervision, which are ways to protect kids from a sexual predator. And if there is an incident of assault or harassment, employees and administrators must contact the police or child protective services. This is not just a moral obligation; those who work directly with children are mandatory reporters under California law. Thus, they are legally required to contact the authorities if there are signs of child abuse or neglect.

However, many of these organizations fall short of their goals to protect vulnerable children, which can happen from lack of management, understaffing, and poor judgment. Whatever the reason, it’s indefensible that a teen center committed to helping underprivileged children is negligent when it comes to the sexual abuse of minors.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse or the parent / guardian of an abused child, please contact our office at your earliest convenience. We can educate you on the available legal options and fight to bring you the highest possible settlement from a lawsuit against One Step A La Vez.

Case Value for a Sex Abuse Lawsuit against One Step A La Vez

How much you can receive from a One Step A La Vez sexual abuse lawsuit can range from $450,000 to $10,000,000, though it’s safe to say that most settlements are between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000. Generally, you will find that sexual assault claims have higher values – around $2,000,000 and above on average, while sexual harassment cases can settle for under $1,000,000. However, you can expect 6 to 7 figure payments in cases of child sexual abuse, and even 8-figure settlements if there are severe injuries and gross negligence that contributed to the abuse.

There’s a lot more to know about the process of calculating a community center sexual abuse lawsuit. To discuss the amount you can potentially receive as a sexual abuse victim, please take some time to speak with one of our legal experts.

How Long is the Process to Reach a Settlement?

Sexual abuse lawsuits can take anywhere from a few months to 3 or more years to settle. But we would say that cases involving children involve additional complications, particularly if the incidents go back more than a few years. And as you may have guessed, a lot of these lawsuits are filed by adults, who were abused 10 or more years ago. That’s why 1 to 2 years is the expected timeline to settle a One Step A La Vez sexual abuse lawsuit, though some of our cases are settled within 6 months. If your case has to be tried in court, it may take over 3 years to receive compensation, but please keep in mind that over 95% of all child sex abuse lawsuits are settled out of court.

One Step A La Vez Sexual Abuse Lawyer Lawyers compensation lawyer attorney sue
What is the Time Limit to Sue for Sexual Abuse of a Minor?

If you were 18 or older when you were sexually abused at One Step A La Vez Teen Center, your deadline for a lawsuit is 10 years from the date of abuse. If there were numerous incidents, you would go by the date of the latest, i.e., most recent incident.

Now, let’s look at the statute of limitations to sue for sexual abuse of a child, which is a more complicated issue. If you are going by a specific number of years, you have until the age of 40, or 22 years from when you turn 18 to file a lawsuit through the civil court system. But the age limit does not apply if you discover a sexual abuse-related injury past the age of 40. This can happen with victims who did not understand what was being done to them, or they were too scared to tell anyone that they were being abused.

Children who do not speak out about sexual assault and exploitation have no choice but to repress these memories, and a cycle of repression almost always leads to mental health disorders. These are injuries that merit monetary compensation, but the victim is unaware of why they are suffering until they seek help from a therapist. With professional counseling, they understand the damage that was caused by sexual abuse while they were participating in a One Step A La Vez Program.

No matter what age you are at the time, you have 5 years to file a child sexual abuse lawsuit from when you discover a physical or emotional injury resulting from sexual grooming, child molestation, solicitation for sexual content and other forms of sexual abuse. While the discovery rule is a crucial element in the fight against child abusers, we know it can be a difficult concept to understand. That’s why you should contact us to verify the deadline for a lawsuit as it applies to your personal circumstances.

No Cost Legal Services for Sexual Abuse Victims

Obtaining legal advice is essential for those who are left with the scars from child sexual abuse, but we know that the cost of paying for a lawyer may keep you from reaching out to a law firm. Here at DTLA Law Group, victims are never responsible for the cost of legal fees. Our expenses are paid by the party you are suing, and only if you receive compensation at the end of your lawsuit.

As you can see, there is nothing to lose by contacting us and learning about your rights from a One Step A La Vez sexual abuse attorney. Please take this opportunity to give us a call and schedule a free case evaluation.

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