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Kern County Superior Court – Juvenile Justice Center Lawsuit Lawyer

Kern County Superior Court Juvenile Justice Center Lawsuit Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue

The Juvenile Justice Center at 2100 College Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93305 is part of the Kern County Superior Court system. As with any juvenile court, delinquency cases for criminal offenses are handled at this facility. But the Juvenile Justice Center is also in charge of juvenile dependency cases, meaning that a minor becomes a dependent of the court system due to serious neglect or abuse issues in their home.

Clearly, the Kern County Superior Court – Juvenile Justice Center is supposed to be a place where minors can seek protection and steer away from a life of crime. Ironically, this is also where they can sustain lifelong trauma due to sexual abuse by a trusted adult. Much of the abuse against juvenile inmates happen in youth detention centers, commonly known as juvenile halls. But some children that come to the Juvenile Justice Center are released on probation, which means they will be supervised by a probation officer. Others will be assigned a special advocate to gather information that will help the judge make decisions regarding the child’s safety and well-being.

These adults may use their role in the juvenile justice system to sexually groom, solicit, and assault vulnerable children. This is an unacceptable violation that cannot go unpunished, which is why victims are entitled to monetary damages from a child sexual abuse lawsuit. To discuss your rights and legal options with a Kern County Juvenile Justice Center sexual abuse lawyer, contact us today.

Kern County Superior Court Juvenile Justice Center Lawsuit Lawyer compensation incident liability
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Can I Sue Kern County Superior Court- Juvenile Justice Center for Sexual Abuse?

Yes, you can file a lawsuit if you were sexually assaulted or solicited by a counselor, probation officer, or another employee of the Juvenile Justice Center in Kern County. Sexual exploitation of minors is very common at detention facilities, but children can also be abused while they’re out on probation. Kids that are removed from unfit homes by the juvenile court also face the possibility of sexual abuse by a court appointed special advocate or another adult who is supposed to take care of them.

Of course, we are not saying that the county can stop every incident of sexual abuse within the juvenile justice system. Rather, they are responsible for taking precautions to keep sexual predators out of their facilities. In addition, they must act immediately when there are accusations of sexual misconduct. This includes contacting the proper authorities, conducting an investigation, and removing the staff member from the facility to ensure the safety of the inmates.

Sadly, we find that county officials are slow to act – if at all – when there are complaints against an abusive employee. If anything, they look for ways to keep the dirty secret from getting out, which means the victim is coerced into silence while the abuser is allowed to keep working with children. Some juvenile court staff members also engage in willful misconduct, like destroying or concealing evidence of sexual assault.

This is why lawsuits for sexual abuse against a juvenile inmate are usually filed against Kern County, and not just the perpetrator of the abuse. To explore the option of suing Kern County Juvenile Justice Center for child sexual abuse, schedule a free consultation by contacting our office.

Filing a Kern County Juvenile Justice Center Class Action Lawsuit

As one of countless children who were betrayed by the Kern County Juvenile court system, you can choose to join a class action lawsuit for sexual abuse. That means you are filing a single lawsuit with many former inmates and wards of the court who were sexually exploited by a probation officer, a court appointed advocate, or another adult that works for the Juvenile Justice Center.

One of our attorneys can help you join an existing lawsuit or initiate a class action claim for sexual abuse at a juvenile detention center. You can count on us to build a solid case and go after the people who failed in their duty of care to you as a juvenile inmate.

Juvenile Justice Center Sexual Abuse Case Values

The average value of a sexual abuse claim against Kern County Superior Court – Juvenile Justice Center is between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000. We can narrow things down a bit further by saying that child sexual assault lawsuits may be worth $2,000,000 and above, while claims for sexual harassment can settle for under $1,000,000. But these are estimates based on our record of previous settlements and verdicts, so they should only be used as a reference guide for how much you can receive from a juvenile inmate sexual abuse lawsuit. If you’d like to learn the approximate value of your own lawsuit against the Juvenile Justice Center at Kern County Superior Court, call us for a free consultation.

How Long it Takes to Settle a Juvenile Justice Center Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

The average amount of time to settle a lawsuit for sexual misconduct by a member of the juvenile justice system is 1 to 2 years. Some of the more straightforward cases may be settled in 6 months or less, but most of these lawsuits are incredibly complex. Any lawsuit involving child abuse is complicated enough, but you are also suing an entity of the county government, and that comes with its own set of challenges. As a result, we expect that the average Kern County Juvenile Justice Center sexual abuse lawsuit will take 1 to 3 years to settle, depending on whether we take your case to trial. Please note, however, that less than 5% of sexual abuse cases end up in court.

Kern County Superior Court Juvenile Justice Center Lawsuit Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue
Statute of Limitations – What is the Deadline for a Lawsuit?

If you were legally an adult at the time of the abuse, meaning you were at least 18 years old, your time limit for a lawsuit is 10 years from the incident date. If there were a series of sexual assault or harassment incidents, you would go by the date of the most recent incident.

Of course, the vast majority of abuse cases against the Juvenile Justice Center involve minors, or individuals under 18 years old. According to California laws on child sexual abuse, the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit is either of the following:

  • 22 years from when you reach the age of adulthood, i.e., whenever you turn 40 years old
  • 5 years upon the discovery of one or more injuries from sexual abuse while you a minor

The first guideline is simple enough, and there are plenty of victims that come to us before the age of 40 to initiate a compensation claim for sexual abuse by a Juvenile Justice Center employee. But others take much longer to deal with the ramification of child sexual assault, as they have spent many years suppressing those memories. It’s actually more common for children to keep the horrible secret to themselves rather than tell someone, especially those that are wards of the court, as they are more likely to feel isolated and distrustful of authority figures.

The cycle of repression can’t continue forever, but by the time a survivor of sexual abuse goes to a therapist, they may be older than 40, meaning that they are past the statute of limitations. This is why the 5-year discovery rule is so important. No matter when the discovery of a sex abuse-related injury occurred, those who were sexually abused as children have 5 years from the date of realization to sue Kern County for monetary damages.

By this point, you may be confused about the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit against the Juvenile Justice Center. That’s why we encourage you to contact our law firm and talk to a lawyer who can verify how long you have to initiate a juvenile inmate sexual abuse claim.

We Offer Free Legal Services

No victim of sexual abuse should have to choose between justice and paying their bills, but that’s precisely what happens to so many people who are struggling due to someone else’s negligence. At DTLA Law Group, clients pay $0 upfront to hire a child sexual assault lawsuit attorney. We have a contingency fee agreement known as the Zero Fee Guarantee, so all legal fees are included in your settlement award from Kern County. In essence, we only receive payment by securing the compensation you deserve from a Juvenile Justice Center sexual abuse lawsuit.

For more information on suing Kern County for sexual abuse of a juvenile inmate, contact us to schedule a free case evaluation.

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