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Eggleston Youth Center Lawsuit Lawyer

Eggleston Youth Center Lawsuit Lawyer sue compensation incident liability attorney

It’s unfortunate that programs focusing on the needs of minors are the most attractive to child molesters, but that’s the reality we have to face in order to protect our children. We also have to acknowledge that foster care is a broken system with far too many incidents of kids being abused and neglected. Many of these kids are desperate for any kind of positive attention, and as a result, it’s easy for an adult to take advantage of them in a sexual manner.

Lack of supervision and accountability by state officials and foster care agencies are behind most of the sex abuse cases we investigate on behalf of our clients. We understand that these programs present a number of challenges due to issues like reduced funding, understaffing, and the demands of meeting the needs of so many children on a daily basis. But none of these are excuses that justify poor judgement and deliberate misconduct when there are allegations of sexual abuse.

Perhaps you or someone you know was victimized by a sexual predator while staying at or attending a program at one of the following Eggleston Youth Center locations:

  • Eggleston Short-Term Residential Treatment Program – 256 West Badillo Street, Covina CA 91723
  • Eggleston Substance Abuse and Education Program – 13001 Ramona Boulevard Suite E and J, Irwindale, CA 91706
  • Eggleston Behavioral Health Services – 3001 West Vernon Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90008
  • Eggleston Family Services (foster care and adoptions) – 3001 West Vernon Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90008
  • Eggleston Youth Centers Administrative Offices – 256 West Badillo Street, Covina, CA 91723

The sexual abuse attorneys of DTLA Law Group would like to offer you a free consultation, where you can learn about your rights and legal options. These include filing a child sexual abuse lawsuit against the Eggleston Youth Center for emotional distress, pain and suffering, and other monetary damages. Please give us a call and talk to a lawyer who can sue for sexual assault and other forms of child abuse.

Eggleston Youth Center Lawsuit Lawyer Lawsuit Lawyer compensation incident liability
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Can I Sue the Eggleston Youth Center for Sexual Abuse?

Yes, you can sue for sexual abuse you experienced at the Eggleston Youth Center, whether you were a child or an adult at the time. However, this is a center that’s mainly focused on the needs of children, so most of these cases involve child sexual assault and exploitation.

While foster care group homes like Eggleston provide a valuable service to the community, competent leadership, diligent supervision, and accountability by staff members are just some of the measures that are required of these facilities. Otherwise, youth at the home can be neglected or abused, thereby defeating the purpose of placing them in a foster care residential program to begin with.

Please note that employees and administrators at Eggleston Youth Center have a legal duty to report incidents or allegations of sexual abuse. Or, if there are signs that indicate mistreatment of a child, they must also contact the police and/or the Department of Human Services. Failure to do is a criminal offense under California’s mandatory reporting laws, but it’s also an example of negligence that we see far too often at community centers and residential group homes in California.

The truth is, there are many ways that youth centers have failed in their duty of care to troubled kids, and it’s time that they were brought to account for their actions. Filing a lawsuit is ultimately up to you, but we hope you’ll take the time to explore your available legal options with one of our attorneys.

What is the Average Value of a Eggleston Youth Center Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

Settlements values for a youth residential group home sexual abuse lawsuit are often between $2,500,000 and $5,000,000 for incidents of sexual assault. A lawsuit for sexual exploitation (harassment and solicitation) against a minor may be settled for around $500,000 to $1,500,000. As a general rule, the amount of compensation is 6 to 7 figures when it comes to the child sexual abuse lawsuits, though we do occasionally have cases that settle for $10,000,000 or more.

As you can see, there are significant variations in how much these lawsuits are worth, which is why there is no such thing as an average case value for a foster care sexual abuse lawsuit. If you would like to know how much you can receive by suing the Eggleston Youth Center in Irwindale, California, call us to schedule a free consultation.

How Long will It Take to Settle my Case?

The amount of time to settle a lawsuit for the sexual abuse of a minor is usually 12 to 24 months. Timelines to reach a settlement are typically longer for cases that go back 10 or more years, though we have had cases that were settled in 6 months or less due to the available evidence and the organization’s willingness to avoid a long and lengthy trial. However, these are the exception rather than the norm, which is why 1 to 2 years is a good timeframe to keep in mind. In the event we need to ask for a trial date, it’s possible that achieving justice on your behalf can take more than 3 years. But we want to point out that only a small fraction of these cases are actually tried in court.

Eggleston Youth Center Lawsuit Lawyer Lawsuit Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue
Statute of Limitations to File a Eggleston Youth Center Sexual Abuse Claim

Those who are legally classified as adults at the time (at least 18 years old) have 10 years to file a lawsuit if they were sexually abused at the Eggleston Youth Center. Normally, the statute of limitations begins on the date of injury / incident, but if there were multiple cases of assault, harassment, etc., you have 10 years from the last or most recent abuse incident to sue the Eggleston Youth Center.

As someone that was under 18, you would go by the statute of limitations for a child sexual abuse lawsuit, which is 22 years after you are the age of adulthood. By doing the math, you can see that the age of 40 is the deadline if you wish to file a lawsuit for sexual misconduct by a youth center employee. But you can also use another standard known as the discovery rule. This is based on when you discover an emotional or physical injury that was caused by the trauma of child abuse.

Let’s say, for example, that you are dealing with a variety of mental health issues and decide to get help from a therapist. During your sessions, the abuse you suffered at Eggleston Youth Center comes up, and the connection is made that your mental health disorders are a direct result of being sexually abused as a child. Now that you’ve learned about the injuries that resulted from childhood sexual abuse, you have the option of filing a lawsuit within 5 years.

Figuring out the statutory deadline for a sexual assault lawsuit can be complicated, so please seek guidance from an experienced sexual abuse lawsuit attorney.

Pay $0 in Legal Fees with the Zero Fee Guarantee

The Zero Fee Guarantee is a policy we extend to all victims of sexual abuse, who should not have to choose between paying their bills and finding a qualified attorney. Instead of charging you upfront, we ask for legal fees to be paid by Eggleston Youth Center as a condition of winning your lawsuit. That means winning your case is the only way we get paid, so there is no risk to your finances if we don’t recover your settlement.

We are ready to fight for you and the compensation you deserve, so contact DTLA Law Group and schedule a free case review with a member of our legal team.

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