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Can I Get a Cash Advance on my San Diego Juvenile Hall Lawsuit Case?

Can I Get a Cash Advance on My San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall Sex Abuse Case sue liability lawyer attorney

Were you subjected to sexual abuse during your stay at a San Diego Juvenile Hall or camp program? Are you currently suing San Diego County for sexual misconduct by a juvenile justice employee? Either way, it seems like the money from your settlement can’t come fast enough. So, what can you do in the meantime if you run into financial difficulties?

This is a common struggle among those who are dealing with the emotional and physical injuries caused by the trauma of sexual abuse. It doesn’t help that California is the 2nd most expensive state to live in, and even a couple of missed paychecks can put your finances in jeopardy.

In your search for a solution, you may have thought about asking for a cash advance on your lawsuit for sexual abuse at a San Diego youth detention facility. But is this something that your lawyer can provide you with? And what can you do if your lawyer refuses to give you a loan, even though you have a solid case for sexual abuse by a San Diego Juvenile Hall staff member?

Please keep reading to learn more about early settlement loans for child sexual abuse victims. Keep in mind, however, that we can only offer general information in this article. You are likely to have specific questions and concerns that we will need to address with you in person. For a free, private case review, contact us right away if you were sexually abused at one of the following facilities:

  • Kearny Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility (San Diego County Juvenile Hall) – 2801 Meadow Lark Dr., San Diego, CA 92123 
  • East Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility – 446 Alta Rd., Suite 6100, San Diego, CA 92158 
  • Camp Barrett – 21077 Lyons Valley Rd, Alpine, CA 91901 
  • Urban Camp, San Diego (formerly known as Camp Barrett) – 2861 Meadow Lark Drive. San Diego, CA 92123 
  • Girls Rehabilitation Facility (at Kearny Mesa) – 2861 Meadow Lark Dr., San Diego, CA 92123 
  • Youth Transition Campus – 4100 Normal St, San Diego, CA 92103 
  • Juvenile Ranch Facility – 957 Forrest Gate Rd., Campo, CA 91906 
  • San Diego County Juvenile Court and Community Schools – 6401 Linda Vista Rd, San Diego, CA 92111 
Can I Get a Cash Advance on my San Diego Juvenile Hall Sex Abuse Case compensation incident liability
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Is it Legal for My Lawyer to Give Me a Cash Advance?

Yes, it is perfectly legal for attorneys to give pre-settlement loans to their clients in the state of California. The rules for how these loans are issued are stated in the State Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct. These include putting the agreement in writing (no verbal contracts) and ensuring that the client is fully aware of the terms and conditions pertaining to the loan. The money, by the way, can only be used for reasonable living expenses. Generally, we are talking about basic necessities, like rent or mortgage payments, utilities, food, and gas.

There’s a lot more to know about early settlement loans, which we are happy to discuss with you during a free consultation. Please contact our law firm to speak with a member of our legal team.

What is the Amount I can Receive from a San Diego Juvenile Hall Lawsuit Cash Advance?

How much you can receive from a cash advance from our law firm is determined by various details that are specific to your case. One of these, as you may have guessed, is the amount of compensation you are likely to end up from a lawsuit for sexual abuse at a San Diego Juvenile Hall. This is your settlement award or judgment, which will include monetary damages, like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and cost of medical services.

A juvenile hall sexual misconduct lawyer at our office can help you with the approximate value of your lawsuit. Alternatively, we can verify whether a settlement calculated by your lawyer seems reasonable, or if you deserve a higher amount based what happened to you at Kearny Mesa, Camp Barrett, or any other juvenile hall in San Diego County.

Should I Look into a Lawsuit Loan Company?

Pre-settlement loan companies provide cash advances to those who are expecting a settlement or judgement from a lawsuit. Essentially, this is a type of private lender that can provide you with a large sum of money if you are facing financial hardship while waiting to get paid on a sexual abuse claim against San Diego County.

A quick Google search will bring up a lengthy list of lawsuit lending companies to choose from. And it does seem like a good idea to take out a loan instead of getting behind on your bills or stressing over each dollar that leaves your bank account. In addition, you don’t have to worry about paying back the loan until you receive your settlement award.

But there are some important considerations that many people forget about when they are desperate for a loan. As with the vast majority of private lenders, these loans come with steep interest rates. If your case is settled in less than 6 months, the interest that accrues on the loan may not be so bad. However, most juvenile hall sexual abuse lawsuits take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to settle. Based on this timeline and the interest rate charged by the company, the amount of interest may be around 30 to 60%.

Clearly, this is a big chunk out of the funds that are crucial to your recovery as a sexual abuse victim. That’s why we do not recommend borrowing from a lawsuit loan company as a general rule. Instead, we advise that you contact a law firm that issues cash advances on San Diego County sex abuse cases.

Can I Get a Cash Advance on my San Diego Juvenile Hall Sex Abuse Case Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue
What if My Lawyer won’t Give me a Cash Advance?

Frankly, each law firm has to decide on its own whether to offer early settlement loans to their clients. And it’s true that many lawyers refuse to provide cash advances, even when it’s clear that the client is struggling to get by, and a settlement isn’t going to happen anytime soon. If this is the problem you’ve run into with your attorney, you may have thought of leaving your current firm and finding a lawyer who can give you a loan against the value of your San Diego Juvenile Hall sexual abuse lawsuit.

It’s your right to find a new lawyer at any point during the legal process, and perhaps there are multiple reasons why it may be time to find a new attorney. But this is a big decision that requires careful thought and consideration. To discuss the option of switching lawyers for a San Diego Juvenile Hall lawsuit, please schedule a free second opinion consultation. This service is 100% free, with no pressure to transfer your case to our law firm. Our goal is to provide you with advice and let you decide on the course of action that’s right for you.

We Provide Free Legal Services

An experienced sexual abuse lawyer is your best ally when you are in need of justice for sexual abuse at a San Diego County juvenile detention center. However, you may have concerns about how much it will cost to hire an attorney for a child sexual assault lawsuit.

Here at Normandie, clients never pay out of pocket of the cost of legal fees. We have a contingency fee plan known as the Zero Fee Guarantee, so we make absolutely nothing until you receive your settlement award. At that point, it’s San Diego County that’s paying our bills, and not you. In the event we fail to win your lawsuit, you owe us $0, no matter how much we invested in your case.

For a free case evaluation on your rights and legal options, contact our law firm as soon as possible.

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