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Camp Wilmont Sweeney Lawsuit Lawyer

Camp Wilmont Sweeney Sexual Abuse Lawyer sue compensation incident liability attorney

Most of us are familiar with juvenile halls, which are essentially prisons for youth offenders as young as 12. But the subject of what to do with kids that are on the wrong path has always been a controversial subject. And many children that end up in juvie are charged with minor infractions that can be corrected with discipline and structure in a nurturing environment. That’s why California has alternative programs for troubled youths, like juvenile camps.

Camp Wilmont Sweeney, better known as Camp Sweeney, is a minimum security unit with a limited capacity of 50 inmates between the ages of 15 and 21. It would seem that a smaller facility would be better for these kids, as they will receive extra time and attention, along with support services that emphasize “change, growth, and progress,” according to the program description.

However, most of these facilities have serious problems, ranging from hazardous living conditions to understaffing, meaning that inmates are left to fend for themselves much of the time. It’s also the perfect environment for a sexual predator, as they can target innocent children with impunity. This level of neglect and abuse must be stopped, and thankfully, major changes in the laws have allowed more victims to seek justice through the court system.

If you or someone in your family was sexually abused at Camp Sweeney in San Leandro, California, now is the time to learn about the legal options that are available to you. We know how scared you may be to take that first step, but please know that our law firm has decades of experience with sexual abuse lawsuits against government institutions. Please give us a call to schedule a free, private consultation with a Camp Sweeney sexual abuse lawyer.

Camp Wilmont Sweeney Sexual Abuse Lawyer sue compensation incident liability
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Do I Qualify for a Lawsuit against Camp Wilmont Sweeney?

Yes, you can sue Camp Sweeney if you were subjected to sexual abuse by someone that works for the juvenile justice system. We want to stress that child sexual abuse refers to any type of verbal, digital, and physical interaction between minors and adults for the purpose of sexual gratification. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t say no, since the age of consent in California is 18. But inmates that are 18 and older can also be the target of sexual exploitation by a predatory employee. These inmates can also file a lawsuit and obtain compensation for their pain and suffering.

Now, let’s look at who you can go after in a lawsuit for sexual abuse at a youth detention center. Obviously, there’s the person that sexually assaulted or harassed you, but what about the system that stood by and did little to nothing while you were abused? Frankly, lack of leadership, supervision, and accountability are issues that come up repeatedly when we investigate sexual abuse allegations on behalf of juvenile camp inmates.

To figure out if Alameda County is liable for the injuries you suffered, here are some of the questions we need answers to:

  • Were administrators at the facility aware that you were being abused, or was there suspicious conduct between you and one of their employees?
  • Did the person that abused you have a prior history of sexual misconduct at Camp Sweeney or any other juvenile detention facility?
  • How did the warden and other people in charge of your safety react when they found out about the abuse?

As you can see, there is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to building a case for sexual abuse at Camp Wilmont Sweeney. With that in mind, we urge you to contact us right away so that we can begin the process of investigating your case and ensuring that you receive maximum payment from a child sexual assault lawsuit.

Can I File a Class Action Lawsuit against Camp Sweeney?

Yes, you can file a Camp Sweeney sexual abuse class action lawsuit for emotional distress, medical expenses, and other monetary damages. If a claim is already in progress by the time you contact us, we can help you join the lawsuit and ensure that you receive compensation as a victim of sexual abuse at a juvenile detention facility.

There is no denying that sexual abuse in juvenile halls is a systemic problem, and there are hundreds to thousands of victims who can understand what you’re going through. Joining a class action lawsuit can be helpful, as you will have a much stronger case when many victims come forward with stories that are similar to yours. Of course, you should always have a clear understanding of your legal options before you decide that a class action lawsuit is right for you. Please contact our office to schedule a free consultation, where you can learn more about class action lawsuits for sexual abuse at Camp Wilmont Sweeney.

Time Limit to File a Camp Sweeney Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

The amount of time you have to sue Camp Sweeney is determined by the date of your 40th birthday if you were a minor at the time you were abused. This is based on the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse lawsuits, which is 22 years from when you are legally an adult under California law. For those who are 18 or over at the time they are sexually assaulted, the statute of limitations for a lawsuit is 10 years from the event (or the most recent incident of abuse).

For child victims, there is another standard that applies to the statute of limitations to sue a juvenile detention center. The discovery rule provides you with a 5-year window to claim damages for sexual assault while you were a minor. To qualify for a lawsuit, you will need to prove that you did not discover the link between an injury – like a mental health disorder – and sexual abuse at Camp Sweeney until you were past the age of 40.

Delayed discovery of an injury from sexual abuse is very common among child victims, especially those in juvenile hall and camp settings. That’s why the vast majority of clients we represent are adults, who did not understand the harm that was caused by sexual assault and harassment until they were much older. Based on when you came to this realization, you may still have the chance to sue the Alameda County Probation Department for negligence and/or misconduct.

How Much You can Receive for Sexual Abuse at Camp Sweeney

Average case values for sexual assault lawsuits against Camp Sweeney are anywhere from $2,500,000 to $5,000,000, with some cases resulting in settlements close to or over $10,000,000. The amount of compensation for acts of sexual harassment and solicitation are anywhere from $450,000 to $1,500,000. But some cases will result in higher settlements due to factors like the duration of abuse, damage to the victim’s physical and mental health, and gross negligence by the county probation department. If we look at settlements for Camp Wilmont Sweeney class action lawsuits, $100,000,000 to $500,000,000 is a reasonable range, depending on the number of class members.

Camp Wilmont Sweeney Sexual Abuse Lawyer lawsuit liability compensation lawyer attorney sue
How Long Does a Camp Sweeney Sexual Abuse Case Take to Settle?

Most juvenile inmate lawsuits for sexual abuse take at least 12 months to settle if we are talking about a personal injury lawsuit. If you are referring to a sexual abuse class action claim, 2 years is a more realistic timeline. Thus, we would say that 1 to 2 years is the average amount of time to reach a settlement, though how long it takes to settle your case can be anywhere from a few months to over 3 years.

The process of sending a demand package, receiving an offer and making counteroffers is a lengthy process, but settlements are achieved in over 95% of these lawsuits. As a result, it’s unlikely that your case will be tried in the courtroom.

Zero Fee Guarantee for all Sexual Abuse Victims

Your finances should never hold you back from hiring an attorney if you are interested in suing Camp Sweeney for inmate sexual abuse. Here at DTLA Law Group, we cover the fees associated with your case and ask for Alameda County to reimburse us as a part of your settlement award. That means we make absolutely nothing if we don’t win your case. You also receive a Zero Fee Guarantee from the very first consultation, so you will never be charged out of pocket for the cost of legal fees.

In short, there is nothing to lose by contacting our law firm and talking to a juvenile hall sexual abuse attorney. Give us a call and schedule a free case review to learn about your rights and legal options.

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