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Sexual Abuse at Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall Lawyer sue compensation incident liability lawyer

The Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall is a youth detention center located at 840 Guadalupe Parkway, San Jose, CA 95110. This is the facility that children are sent to once they are arrested for an infraction in Santa Clara County. Like other juvenile detention centers in California, SCCJ is supposed to provide a safe and structured environment with various services, like sports programs, gang intervention, and substance abuse treatment.

We can all agree that juvenile inmates need discipline, along with support services to help them steer away from a life of crime. However, no child should ever have to worry about physical or sexual abuse while they are staying at a youth detention facility. Unfortunately, sexual abuse is extremely common in government institutions like juvenile halls and foster care group homes. And much of the blame can be placed on county officials, who ignore an inmate’s cries for help or engage in deliberate misconduct, like destroying evidence or transferring the abusive employee to another facility instead of reporting them to the authorities.

There is no way to completely eradicate the abuse of children in juvenile justice programs. However, it’s clear that most incidents of physical and sexual abuse at Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall could have been prevented. Inmates also deserve justice when they have been violated by a sexual predator, instead of being dismissed, threatened, or misled on their rights as a sexual abuse victim.

Our law firm is committed to fighting back against these offenses and bringing you the compensation you deserve from a Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall sexual abuse lawsuit. To learn more about the process of suing for sexual abuse at Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall, contact our office as soon as possible.

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Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall Lawysuit Lawyer sue compensation incident liability
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Can I File a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit against Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall?

Yes, you can sue Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall for sexual abuse that occurred while you were an inmate at the facility. These lawsuits are generally filed against Santa Clara County, as they are the entity that operates and supervises the county juvenile hall. Furthermore, they are responsible for taking action against staff members when there is credible evidence of abuse towards the inmates.

Establishing who is liable for the sexual abuse of an inmate is incredibly challenging, so please seek help from a Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall sexual assault lawyer as soon as possible. This is the best way to build a solid case with extensive evidence and recover the highest possible settlement. Our law firm has a dedicated team of child sexual abuse lawyers, who are ready to take immediate action on your case.

Frankly, the level of neglect and misconduct by juvenile hall administrators is appalling. The welfare of minors takes a back seat to public image and collecting a paycheck for many of these officials. For decades, we have seen juvenile halls and camps in deplorable conditions due to lack of maintenance, supervision, accountability, and strong leadership. It’s the children who suffer the most, especially those who are targeted by child molesters.

Failing to take preventative measures or follow through on protocols for sexual abuse is unacceptable under any circumstance. This is the principle that motivates us here at DTLA Law Group, and we hope you will give us the opportunity to assist you. For a free case review with a sexual abuse lawsuit attorney, please contact our law firm.  

Filing a Class Action Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse at Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall

Our sexual abuse attorneys are happy to help if you’re interested in filing a class action lawsuit or joining an existing claim against Santa Clara Juvenile Hall for sexual abuse. A class action lawsuit includes multiple victims and all the evidence they bring to the table. Considering many of these cases include hundreds of class members, it’s not hard to see why they have high success rates.

Having said that, it’s important to understand exactly what you are committing to when it comes to a legal action. To discuss your rights and legal options with a sexual abuse class action lawyer, contact us today.

What is the Amount of Compensation for a Juvenile Hall Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

On average, case values for Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall sexual assault lawsuits are around $2,500,000 to $5,000,000. If your claim is based on solicitation and sexual harassment, how much you can receive from a lawsuit may be between $450,000 and $1,500,000. If you are joining a Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall class action lawsuit, settlements can range from $50,000,000 to $300,000,000 and above. Of course, it must be noted that payments are meant to compensate multiple plaintiffs, not just one person.

Please keep in mind that these are estimates at the end of the day, and the value of your own lawsuit is based on many factors that we can talk to you about during a free consultation.

Reaching a Settlement – How Long will It Take?

Based on decades of experience, our attorneys have found that the average settlement timeline for a juvenile hall sexual abuse case is between 1 and 2 years. Now and then, we are fortunate enough to work out a settlement within just a few months, but this is unlikely, especially for incidents that go back 10 or more years. There are further complications when you are suing a government institution, due to the laws regarding lawsuits against public entities. That’s why we are upfront about the fact that it can take over 12 months to settle a Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall sexual abuse lawsuit.

In the event your case is tried in court, the process to settle your case will take over 3 years, but this is unlikely, as over 90% of all child sex abuse lawsuits are settled through private negotiations.

Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall Lawysuit Lawyer lawsuit liability compensation lawyer attorney sue
What is the Filing Deadline for a Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

Under California law, a lawsuit for child sexual assault or abuse must be filed no later than 22 years after you turn 18 years old. So, that gives you until your 40th birthday if you wish to sue Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall for sexual abuse. If you were 18 years or older at the time of the incident, you have 10 years from the incident date to file a lawsuit.

However, you may have seen stories in the news of sexual abuse lawsuits filed by victims that are clearly older than 40. But how is this possible when the statutory deadline for a child sexual assault case is 22 years from when you are legally an adult?

Fortunately, there is a 5-year discovery rule specifically for those who were sexually abused during childhood. As you are probably aware, children tend to repress memories of sexual abuse instead of going to someone for help. But even if they tell someone, chances are, administrators and other staff members at a juvenile hall won’t take the necessary actions to protect the child and hold the person accountable. As a result, children stay silent on these issues, which prevents them from working through the trauma of being abused.

This is why so many of these victims develop mental health disorders that disrupt their lives. By going to a therapist, they learn that sexual abuse at Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall is the cause of why they are suffering. Perhaps this is how you or your loved one came to discover the injuries that resulted from sexual misconduct by a probation officer, administrator, or another juvenile hall employee. Starting from the date of discovery, you have 5 years to file a child sexual abuse lawsuit against Santa Clara County.

Contact DTLA Law Group

Recovering from the effects of childhood sexual abuse is a lifelong process, but there are many ways to move forward and live the quality of life you deserve. Filing a lawsuit, for example, can bring you a sense of resolution, along with compensation for your medical needs, emotional distress, and other damages.

There is no out of pocket cost to you whatsoever when you sign up to become one of our clients. We provide all victims of sexual abuse with the Zero Fee Guarantee, so the cost of legal fees is paid by Santa Clara County. Since we only get paid by winning your case, you owe us $0 if we fail to recover your settlement award.

Our attorneys are here to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us today and schedule a free case evaluation.

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