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Yaz Class Action Lawsuit 2013 – Contraceptive Side Effect Claim

Yaz Class Action Lawsuit 2013 – Contraceptive Side Effect Claim According to recent documentation released by the FDA and several scientific studies the use of the contraceptive medication Yaz has been associated with dangerous medical side effects including Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Pulmonary Embolism, Blood Clots Heart Attacks and fatalities. Our law firm is currently investigating class action lawsuits against Pharmaceutical giant Bayer for the manufacturing and distribution of the birth control medication Yaz. If you or a loved one have suffered serious health complications while on Yaz contact our law offices to learn more about your legal right to file a class action claim or a single party lawsuit. Legal Assistance: All legal consultations regarding your claim are provided by our attorneys free of charge. Our toll free law office contact number is (855)385-2529.

 Yaz Class Action Lawsuit Information

Class action lawsuits are filed where there is a large number of victims with a similar or nearly identical claim against a defendant. Class action lawsuits require certification by the court before they can proceed. Factors important in the court’s decision to certify a class action claim include.. 1. Numerosity: There exists a large number of potential victims against the defendant. 2. Commonality: There is a common issue of fact or law amongst injured victims in the class. 3. Adequacy of Representation: The head of the class who acts as the representative of all other victims has the legal recourses to properly protect the rights of all members of the class. 4. Typicality: The legal or factual issues of the class representative are typical of those of the other class members. Should I Join A Class Action of File a Single Party Claim The decision of joining a class action lawsuit or filing a single party personal injury claim can be challenging. Through a legal consultation an attorney can present you with the positive and negative consequences of the legal direction you intend to take. The main issue with class action lawsuits is that members of the class who are not chosen and the class representative do not have a say in settlement negotiations. Moreover, once there is a settlement of jury verdict the compensation is awarded equally to each member of the class despite the fact that some members may have experienced more severe injuries due to the negligent or wrongful actions at fault parties. For example if there are 100 members of a class action and there is a $100 million settlement then each member will receive an equal compensation of $1 million dollars.

Filing a Dangerous Drug Side Effect Lawsuit Against Yaz – Proving Your Case in the Court of Law

Most drug injury cases are based on a product liability claim. Product liability lawsuits can will prevail by proving one of three causes of action.
  • Defect in the original design of the product.
  • Defect in the manufacturing process of the pharmaceutical medication.
  • Labeling defect – failure to warn consumers of all known dangers associated with the use of the contraceptive medication.
Average Value of a Yaz Lawsuit – Right of Compensation for Victims: The estimates settlement of verdict of a lawsuit against manufacturers and distributors of dangerous contraceptive medications is dependent on several factors. Some of the most importation factors in determining the value of a care are as follows..
  • The magnitude or severity of the medical harm suffered.
  • Pain and suffering associated with your injuries including mental trauma and PTSD.
  • Lost wages and loss of future income due to inability to work in the safe field because of a long term or permanent disability.
  • Future medical health costs including nursing and rehabilitation expenses.
  •  Availability of punitive damages – punitive damages are awarded where the pharmaceutical manufacturer of the defective contraceptive drug fails to warn consumers of all known or knowable dangers associated with its use.
Legal Assistance: If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries due to the taking of Yaz and have any legal questions regarding the filing of a class action or single party claim feel free to contact our law offices toll free. Our attorney provide free and confidential legal consultations for all victims of Yaz. Further Information: Statute of Limitations Yaz Lawsuit


I was affected by YAZ. I went 12 years with misdiagnosed symptoms ranging from minor to severe. Within one month of coming off of the pill, I am symptom free. I would like to discuss my options with you. Thank you,

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