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Solodyn Attorney | Hyperpigmentation Drug Side Effect Lawsuit

Solodyn Attorney | Hyperpigmentation Drug Side Effect Lawsuit Solodyn (minocycline) is a tetracycline antibiotic primarily used in the treatment of acne including non inflammatory lesions. However in some instances the use of Solodyn has been associated with dangerous side effects.  The Downtown LA Law Group is currently investigation litigation claims against the pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors of the acne treatment drug. If you or a loved one have suffered serious medical complications from the use of the acne medication under the trade name Solodyn contact our Defective Drug Injury Law Firm. (855)385-2529 Use of Solodyn and Hyperpigmentation: According to published data from the United States Food and Drug Administration Hyper-pigmentation is a dangerous side effect which can affect users of the acne medication. Hyperpigmentation reffers to a darkening of the skin due to increase in levels of melanin in the skin.  The types of Hyper Pigmentations which take place incldue
  • Type I: Blue and Black or Grey Pigmentation to the Face
  • Type II: Blue or Black/Grey Pigmentation on the Forearms and other parts of the body other than the face
  • Type III: Hyper-pigmentation caused in part by exposure of the skin to the sun while taking Solodyn
Other Side effects associated with the use of Solodyn:  There are numerous and potentially dangerous adverse effects from the use of Solodyn. Some of the most common are as follows:
  • Damage to the Central Nervous System
  • Atoimmune Syndromes
  • Liver Failure
  • Fevers and Rashes
  • Skin Hypersensitivity
  • Moderate to severe headaches, general fatigue and mood alterations
  • Bleeding, Chills, Vomiting and Diarrhea
Contacting an Attorney: The Downtown LA Law Group is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of individuals injured due to the use of dangerous and defective drugs. Injures parties have a right to compensation for their injuries from all at fault parties. Compensation will be based on several factors including (1) All medical and hospitalization costs associated with the use of the drug (2) Pain and suffering (3) Emotional trauma including Post Traumatic Stress and (4) Loss of income including lost wages.


Interested in solodyn side effect lawsuit


I took this prior to becomeing ill in 2010 with ITP . My platelets in 2010 went to 2000 and sometimes had none I bleed in my brain I have had a eye hemmorrhage I have blead out my colon . I have small red dots all over my body . My platelets were up and down for almost 5 years . MY doctor didn’t think a medicine would cause that much trouble. I got a second opinion at Vanderbilt in Nashville and they said to stop taking the medicine Solodyn and I did. Vanderbilt said I hemorraghed all over my brain and now I am disabled due to the ITP and headaches from the hemorraghes.


I took this prior to becoming ill with ITP in 2010 .


I am seeing the dark spots inside my mouth due to discoloration of the medicine. Doctor and pharmacist failed to let me nbjw the side effects and not tell me to seek laser treatment


minocycline .. been on it for years.. had discolored blue spots on legs for years, just found out the two are connected from a dermatologist my PA referred me to

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