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Is There Still Time For Filing a YAZ Lawsuit?

Is There Still Time For Filing a YAZ  Lawsuit? YAZ lawsuits were prevalent about 2 years ago, but there are still thousands of individuals who continue to suffer from the serious side effects of YAZ. Downtown L.A. Law has been retained to continue filing claims for YAZ related lawsuits. If you have suffered from certain side effects associated with YAZ our offices can help. Read the following information for a better understanding of your rights and what can be done to protect  yourself. How Long Do I Have? Generally injuries associated with a personal injury lawsuit must be filed within a set period of time. This time period is governed by the statute of limitations for the respective claim. Statute of limitations for YAZ related claims are generally 2 years, however each jurisdiction is different, click here for a full list filing timelines. However, just because you have not yet filed a lawsuit does NOT mean you are completely banned from bringing forth a claim. Each case has its set of facts and tolling capabilities which will allow you to still file your case. It is important that you speak with a YAZ lawyer at Downtown L.A. Law for a better understanding of filing deadlines and what you can do. Value of My Claim We are often asked what the value of a YAZ claim is. Many times there is no definitive answer because your injuries can entitle you to greater settlement sums. From what we have seen most YAZ cases are settling between $65,000 to $250,000. The large variations have to do with the type of injury you have sustained. Common injuries such as pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis cases are settling in the higher sums. While gallbladder injury cases from taking YAZ are settling for less value. It is never possible to fully estimate the value of your claim. Many times certain factors can in-fact make a claim more or less valuable depending on the injury. Injuries which will require lifetime care are naturally valued more. Liability for Injuries As in most defective product cases, the manufacturer of the product will be held responsible for the injuries you have suffered. Manufacturers of YAZ will be held responsible for your injuries. Many times the confusion is whether your doctor will be liable, and this is not generally the case. Manufacturers will be liable when they put into commerce a product which is defective. A product is considered defective when it fails to serve its intended purpose. Defective drugs such as YAZ will hold the manufacturer of the product responsible for any ultimate injuries you may suffer. Our office will take the steps to fully investigate the cause of the injury including looking through all pertinent medical data. This will allow for us to understand the extent of your injuries and fully pursue any potential claim for YAZ.   

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