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Is Nexium Dangerous | Antacid Drug Side Effect Dangers

Is Nexium Dangerous | Antacid Drug Side Effect Dangers

With all the recent litigation, we are often asked by our clients whether Nexium is dangerous. While there is no simple response, it does appear that Nexium does have certain issues which were not disclosed to patients. One side effect in particular was the advanced bone loss caused by taking Nexium. Even though this type of bone loss is not common in every Nexium user, it is still a common occurrence. Nexium lawyers at Downtown L.A. Law are accepting cases for Nexium on a limited basis for review. If you have been injured read the following article to learn more about potential Nexium cases and your rights. for further information visit our Nexium Claims Main Page here.

Nexium Lawsuits, Do I Have a Case?

How do you know if you have a case? If you have any sudden bone fracture caused by taking Nexium you will likely have a case. However there are certain factors to consider, such as whether any pre-existing history of osteoporosis exist and age considerations. Most injured parties do not pursue a claim because they don’t believe they have a case. In a lot of cases the injuries can occur at work. Often times these injuries are covered under workers compensation benefits, but you may have an independent claim against Nexium manufacturers for injuries. When there is a independent 3rd party responsible for your injuries i.e. Nexium manufacturer. Common injuries can include broken ankle, foot or other sudden bone fractures. Many times these injuries while you are walking or NOT performing any type of strenuous or labor intensive activity. In fact the injuries would occur by simply walking or even sitting. These injuries would subject the victim to long term therapy and other associated treatment. In certain cases the bone structure and density can change to the point where no therapy would not be possible. This can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering. Some cases subject the patient to receiving certain injections for pain and other surgeries. As a result substantial medical bills can amount, which may not be covered by your insurance provider, requiring you to pay for such expenses out of pocket.

Nexium Litigation РRecent Lawsuits Against AstraZeneca

Court records updated January 2013 show 41 different claims against Nexium manufacturer, AstraZeneca for failure to warn of potential dangers. Those dangers include failure to warn of dangers including bone loss, bone fracture and other injuries. If you are seeking legal representation for your injuries here are some pointers. First, it does not matter where your attorney is located. Since these claims are filed in an MDL or multi district litigation national law firms such as Downtown L.A. Law will be able to accept cases nationwide. Second, make sure any law firm you select is capable of handling defective drug litigation. Most law firms do not have the financial resources to handle such cases. Currently litigation against Nexium manufacturer AstraZeneca is under way. There have been no confirmed settlements at this time. However, it should be mentioned that you have a limited period of time to file a cause of action for your injuries. In some states it is 2 years from the date of injury. To see a list of the statute of limitations in your state click here. If you have questions with the statute of limitations you may contact toll free to discuss. There are often ways to bypass certain statutory issues through various agreements. Downtown L.A. Law can be reached toll free at 855-385-2529 or via e-mail at All consultations are at no charge to you. If we accept your case it is done entirely on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay us nothing unless we are successfully in your case.

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