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Dangerous Defective Child Toy Injury Attorney | Accident Lawyer

Children are a families most prized possession.  Our goal as parents is to protect our kids from dangerous and hazardous conditions so they can grow and lead happy and healthy lives.  Sadly, all too often children are seriously injured by the toys they love to play with; leading to high medical costs and great emotional pain for the entire family.  If your child has been hurt due to a defective or dangerous toy in your home, the home of a friend or at school contact out Defective Toy Product Liability Attorneys for a free no cost evaluation of your claim.  Our compassionate staff of legal experts have the knowledge and background to support your family in your time of need.  Our goal is one with yours; to seek justice and make sure your child if fully compensated for the injuries and emotional pain suffered.

Toxic Toys – Dangerous Toys cause by toxic paint and other illegal manufacturing materials:

Defective toys are a leading cause of Child injury and death

Despite the recent crackdown on toxic lead and other hazardous substances found in toys imported from China toxic toys can still be found on store shelves. Based upon testing conduction by the United States and California Consumer protection agency toxic material and substances are still found in many toys imported from overseas.  Below is a description of two of the most rampant and dangerous toxic materials still found n children’s toys:
Lead  in Toys: Toys with high levels of toxic materials are still on store shelves in the United States.  Exposure to lead can result in serious lifelong permanent physical health and mental health issues amongst exposed children.  Acute poisoning of leaf by single high doses of lead will attack a young Child’s central nervous system and can lead to neurological impairment, learning disabilities, lowering of intelligence, and permanent mental retardation.
Sing and symptoms of Acute Lead Poisoning: There can be numerous sings of acute child lead poising from toxic toys.  Different children may experience different side effects and symptoms.

  • Tremors
  • Insomnia – Inability to sleep
  • Memory Loss
  • Kidney Failure
  • Abdominal Pain
  • General Muscle Pain
  • Gastrointestinal Issues – Including Constipation
  • Neurological impairment
  • Depression
  • Loss of motor control

If your son or daughter is experiencing any of the state symptoms mention seek medical diagnosis and treatment immediately.  Contact our Child Injury Attorneys at the Downtown LA Law Firm for a free no cost evaluation you Childs injury claim. Phthalates – Toxic Plastic Exposure from Dangerous Toys Also called esters or phthalic acids are substances added to plastics for the purposes of increasing their flexibility, durability, and longevity.  Exposure to this substance can lead to serious health issues. Phthalates Exposure Can lead to permanent harm including:

  • Reproductive Defects.
  • Premature Delivery during child birth
  • Lower Sperm Count
  • Early Onset of Puberty
  • Breast Cancer – Some studies have shown a greater risk for cancer amongst exposed persons
  • Child Birth Defects

Choking Hazard – Dangerous Toys Resulting from Choking Hazards:

Attorney Representation
Some Toys can pose serious choking hazards leading to suffocation and death

Despite recent aggressive actions taken by the Federal and State Agencies choking hazards continue to be a serious problem facing your children.  According to studies, “Choking on small parts, small balls and balloons is still a leading cause of toy-related injury.”
Magnets:  The last few years has witnessed an increase in the manufacturing and sale of toys and products marketed to children containing small and ever more powerful magnets. The ingestion of increasingly powerful magnets can lead to serious life threatening injuries to a Child’s intestinal tract. Aside from the high-risk of choking, Magnets pose a particularly harmful risk to the human body when ingested by children. When two or more magnets are swallowed, they can attract to each other through intestinal walls resulting in blocked, pinched and twisted intestines. If immediate medical attention is not sought such medical complications can lead to permanent physical impairment or death.
Buckyball recall:  Buckyballs are powerful magnetically charged balls that can be attached to each other into many different shapes and sized.  Buckyballs poses a significant risk to little children who ingest them prompting a recall by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission.  However many of these ball still remain in close proximity to young children and thus continue to pose a dangerous hazard.
Jewelry marketed to Children– hazardous and defective jewelry: An increasing sector in  the low priced cosmetic jewelry market has been the marketing and sale of inexpensive and cheaply made jewelry to young girls.  However, such jewelry pose an increasing level of chocking harm to our young.
Lead in Children Jewelry:  Apart from choking hazards resulting small jewelry pieces and medallions the existence of lead in children’s jewelry is ever increasing.  According to tests on the safety of jewelry some 20 percent of children’s jewelry contained unsafe levels of lead.

Excessive Noise Hazards – Ear damage and loss of hearing due to extremely loudly toys:

An increasing hazards for children is excessively loud toys.  Based upon recent research one in three American Children suffer from some sort of hearing impairment. Repetitive listening to loud noises can lead to a dramatic decline in hearing ability. Due to the rise in technology and easy access to music and music players children are increasingly prone to experiencing loud noises.  The National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders advises parents and guardians that prolonged and repetitive exposure to noise above 85 decibels will lead to a measured reduction in hearing. How should I know if a Toy is Dangerous – Detecting unsafe toys and protecting your children. Here is a list of toys that should be avoided and not purchased by parents and guardians of the young.

  • Toys that look like food like candy, fruits, pizzas, and other meals.
  • Toys with small objects that can be digested leading to a choking hazard
  • Lead paint in toys – Always perform research before you purchase a toy. Make sure the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are reputable.
  • Child Burn From Dangerous Toys:  Avoid Flammable toys – Many toys are manufactures using flammable substances.
  • Avoid old and second hand toys – many older toys were not regulated by recent guidelines of consumer protection and health safety agencies and can pose a greater level of danger in comparison to newer and more regulated toys.

We are here to help – Contact the Dangerous and Defective Toys  Child Injury Attorneys

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