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McGregor v Mayweather PPV Class Action Lawsuit 8-26-2017

McGregor v Mayweather PPV Class Action Lawsuit 8-26-2017

PPV McGregor v Mayweather Lawsuit

Those who purchase pay per view aired events expect to have a clear and enjoyable experience viewing the event. Their purchase ensures that the footage aired to the television sets will be functioning and devoid of too many jarring issues. When this expectation isn’t lived up to, customers are left feeling cheated and in need of some compensation. Recently, some viewers of the popular McGregor v. Mayweather event were left feeling dejected after many complained about broadcasting issues. A class action lawsuit was then filed against Showtime for these viewing disruptions. If you have experienced similar interruptions in your recent broadcast, you may be eligible for compensation. At Downtown LA Law Group, our skilled McGregor Mayweather PPV lawsuit attorneys can assist you in filing your claim. If you have any questions after reading this article, please feel free to contact our law offices for a free consultation.

Class Action Lawsuits

A class action lawsuit is a suit wherein a group of people with the same or similar damages caused by the same product or action sue the defendant as a group. The subjects of class action lawsuits can vary widely. However, there are two factors that are always present and are as follows:
  • The issues that are being disputed are common to all members of the class
  • The persons affected are so large in number as to make it impracticable to bring them all before a court
In most cases (especially this case in particular), class action lawsuits are filed against the manufacturers or producers of a particular product. However, there are multitudes of other kinds of class action lawsuits that can be filed, some of which are listed below:
  • Employees that experience a pattern or practice of racial, age, or gender discrimination by their employer
  • Home or business owners that are affected by a corporate caused environmental disaster.
  • Patients that are prescribed a medication that has a dangerous side effect that the manufacturer was aware of and failed to disclose
  • Consumers and small business owners who paid an inflated price for a product after a group of corporations conspired to fix prices
  • Investors who lost their savings due to securities fraud committed by senior executives of a publicly traded company
  • Individuals who had their private communications recorded by a corporation without their knowledge or authorization
Any of these incidents is reason enough to file a class action lawsuit against a guilty party. However, for the sake of this article, those who are seeking compensation for their interrupted pay per view broadcast would file a class action lawsuit surrounding defective products. In this case, the event which was promised to have been aired with few interruption did anything but and as such the company that aired the event can be held liable for damages.

You and Your Case

Clients who seek an attorney for their McGregor v. Mayweather pay per view lawsuit, are more than likely bound to ask some of the following questions:
  • Can I sue if I could not watch the Mayweather v. McGregor fight?
  • Can I sue if I was unable to watch the Mayweather v. McGregor fight?
  • Can I sue the Pay Per View company if I was unable to watch the Mayweather McGregor fight on Pay Per View?
To answer these questions, yes, you can sue whichever party promised to air the event with payment, but failed to do so properly. When this is the case, an attorney can be retained to help you file your McGregor v. Mayweather Pay Per View disruption lawsuit.

About Downtown LA Law Group

If you or a loved one paid for the McGregor and Mayweather Pay Per View event but were unable to view the actual event you may be eligible to collect compensation. At Downtown LA Law Group, our skilled Pay-Per-View attorneys can assist you in building your case and filing your lawsuit. As a show this commitment to you and your case we offer our clients the benefits of a zero fee guarantee policy. Under our zero fee policy, all clients don’t pay for our services until their case is won. If you feel in need of a second opinion, second opinion case reviews are also free under this policy. Call our law offices today for a free consultation by one of our skilled attorneys, and we can discuss the incident, your damages, and the path to receiving proper compensation for your damages.    

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