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Bus Accident on West Hollywood Santa Monica Blvd 2-4-13

Bus Accident on West Hollywood Santa Monica Blvd 2-4-13 West Hollywood Bus Accident Kills 1, Critically Injures Another Should bus drivers be held responsible when they negligently operate a bus causing serious injuries? Any bus driven without proper care can cause serious injury. Due to the size and force of impact from a bus injuries are often serious. This morning was a prime example of this type of negligence when a 81 year old man died as a result of his injuries and another man is left in critical care. According to reports the exact cause of the accident were unknown. Generally with these types of cases or MTA related accidents, litigation is required in order to obtain compensation. In this particular case the family of the 81 year old man’s family would have a potential wrongful death lawsuit and the other critically injured man would have an independent claim for his damages. It is recommended that any type of MTA accident claim be filed immediately in order to preserve your rights. Since the MTA is considered a public entity you have 6 months to file a claim to preserve the statutory period. If a claim is not filed within that time period you will not be able to bring forth a claim for damages. Liability for MTA Bus Accidents MTA accidents are similar to other car accident or bus accident cases. If you were a pedestrian hit by an MTA bus, the MTA will be liable for your injuries. However, in many cases this liability can be challenged which will make it difficult to successfully win your case. If there are inconsistencies in the police report then your case will be challenged by the MTA. In such cases you will need to request production of any surveillance footage of the MTA and review such information. If the surveillance video shows something different, then you are can request for a alteration of the police record or an amendment to the police record. For a free confidential case evaluation contact the law offices of Downtown L.A. Law at 855-385-2529

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