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Bicycle rider killed by LA County Sherriff’s Patrol Car

Bicycle rider killed by LA County Sherriff’s Patrol Car Alfanso Cerda, a 45 year old bicyclist and a father of three was hit and killed by a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriffs Patrol Vehicle in the 3500 block of West 107th Street in Los Angeles community Westbrook and Watts.  According to authorities from the Sheriff’s department the victim died from his injuries shortly after the accident. According to reports and witness information the crash took place around 1.25 AM.  The Sheriffs deputies were attempting to contact Mr. Alfonzo believing he was carrying a loaded weapon. No weapons were found on the deceased individual however. Unfortunately Pedestrian and Bicycle accidents with Police and Law enforcement vehicles is a common occurrence on the streets and highways of Los Angeles County.  For example according to a recent article from the Los Angeles Times the city of Los Angeles ha, “paid nearly $24 million in settlements or verdicts in about 400 LAPD traffic-related lawsuit.” Los Angeles Police Vehicle Accident Attorneys: If you have any further questions regarding Police Car accidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities contact the Downtown LA Law Firm.

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