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Palo Alto SUV Crash kills one injures many others on 101 Highway

Palo Alto SUV Crash kills one injures many others on 101 Highway A Sports Utility Vehicle carrying a San Bruno family was involved in a mahjor accident on the 101 Highway killing a passenger that was flung from the vehicle. According local law enforcement the accident took place a few minutes before 7:00 AM at Embarcadero Road. The vehicle was a gold Lexus Sports Utility Vehicle which struck a California Highway Patrol (CHP) vehicle that had pulled over on the right hand of the road. The CHP vehicle had pulled over to help a pickup truck that has broken down next to the road. The Lexus manufactured SUV rolled over after striking the CHP Patrol Car. SUV ‘s like the one driven by the san Bruno Family are highly susceptible to rollover accident. According to statistics released by the NHTSA rollover accidents are many timed more dangerous than other types of traffic accidents. Rollover account for 3% of all accidents on our roads but account for more than a quarter of all traffic accident fatalities.

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