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Oxnard Train Accident Lawsuit – Metrolink Passenger Injury Claim Information

Oxnard Train Accident Lawsuit – Metrolink Passenger Injury Claim Information Update: According to investigators at the location of the accident more than 50 individuals have been transported to local area hospitals due the Metrolink train accident with a pickup truck in Oxnard California. The VC Line train 102 was traveling from Ventura county to Los Angeles when it struck a produce truck near 5th street and Rive Avenue in the city of Oxnard around 5:45 in the morning. Close to a dozen individuals suffered from critical injuries. The driver of the truck was injured as well and was transported to the hospital. He has yet to be charged with any crime despite the fact that he left the scene of tragic incident. The DTLA Law Group is currently investigating possible class action and single party claims for victims of the Oxnard Metrolink train accident which took place in the early morning hours of February 24, 2015. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries as a passenger of the train operated by Metrolink contact our law offices today. All legal consultations regarding your claim for damages are free of charge.

Responsibility of Train Operators

Under California’s common carrier laws public mass transit transportation companies owe their riders the highest duty of care so as to minimize to the farthest extent possible the probability of serious injuries and fatalities. In this instance investigators have yet to determine whether the conductor of the train was in part responsible for the accident by either (a) failing to but on the breaks in a timely manner or (b) operating the train at a high rate of speed before the accident took place.

 3rd Party Liability of the Truck Driver and His Employer

In many instances railway accidents are caused by drivers of vehicle who attempt to bypass railroad crossings while oncoming trains are on their path. In these instances injures parties have the right to seek compensation from the driver of the vehicle, the owners of the vehicle, and possibly the company or business which employed the negligence driver if the accident took place during the course of his employment.

Compensation Available for Victims

Victims of person injury are entitled to compensation for all harms suffered. Specific categories of compensation available include the following…
  1. All medical and health care expenses.
  2. All future medical and rehabilitation needs.
  3. Loss of income and future loss in income generating capacity due to long term disability.
  4. Other economic damages including loss or destruction of property.
  5. Pain and suffering including emotional distress.
  6. Punitive damages -if the at fault party was acting with the intent to causes harm or wanton reckless disregard for the life and health of others.

Common Injuries Associated With Major Impact Train Derailments and Accidents

Due to the severe impact of railroad accidents passengers and victims often suffer horrific injuries in some cases resulting in death. Some of the most common injuries include the following…
  • Severe back injuries including damage to the spinal cord and bulging disc herniations.
  • Whiplash injuries.
  • Broken bones.
  • Facial injuries and scarring.
  • Ocular injuries resulting in the loss of eyesight.
  • Traumatic brain injuries including mild to severe concussions.
  • Internal organ damage.
Legal Help Available for Victims: If you have any further questions regarding compensation for injuries suffered due to a train accident feel free to contact our law offices. Our law firm takes on train accident injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients do not have to pay for any of their legal fees out of pocket until and unless we are able to achieve a successful settlement or jury verdict in your case.


Metrolink trains between East Ventura and Moorpark were canceled. A bus service was provided for passengers traveling to these stations.

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