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Fiery Plane Crash at Corona Airport Leaves 4 Dead

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At least 4 people were killed after a plane crashed and was engulfed in flames after taking off from Corona Municipal Airport – located at 1900 Aviation Drive. The Plane crash occurred on Wednesday, January 22, 2020, at approximately 12:10 p.m.

According to reports of the incident, the single-engine aircraft was departing the airport when it crashed at the end of the runway on the eastside of the airport. The plane’s 80-gallon fuel tank was full; it spilled and ignited the fire. The fire spread to nearby brush, burning about one-quarter of an acre.

Upon arriving to the scene and extinguishing the flames, firefighters discovered the remains of four occupants of the plane – all four victims were determined to have suffered extensive burn injuries. The victims have not been identified.

One witness stated that it was clear that the aircraft was having difficulties during takeoff. According to the witness, the pilot was allegedly attempting to take off the plane would take of 2 or 3 feet off the ground and come back down. The witness claimed that that happened at least three times. The witness then saw the plane hit a fence and flip over, seeing smoke almost immediately.

The airport was temporarily closed to flights. The incident is under investigation by both the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board.

These Incidents Create Many Questions

Plane crashes are, unfortunately, very common. Although there is no way to prevent certain accidents, many recent plane accidents seem to be preventable. This most recent incident has left the community with the following questions:

  • Had the plane been recently inspected?
  • Did the plane have any mechanical issues?
  • Was the pilot licensed?
  • Was the incident caused by pilot error?
  • Was the plane defective in any way?
  • Could the accident have been prevented?

If you have found yourself asking these questions, you are not alone. The entire community – especially those with ties to the deceased are searching for answers to these questions. Why are these questions so important? To understand the importance of these questions, we must first understand the common causes of plane incidents.

Some of the Common Causes of Plane Crashes

Plane crashes can occur for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons behind plane crashes include the following:

  • Planes have mechanical issues (the plane owner’s negligence)
  • Pilots are unlicensed, are under the influence of drugs/alcohol, or too ill to fly safely, etc. (the pilot’s negligence)
  • Planes are defective (the plane manufacturer’s negligence)

Regardless of the specific causes of plane crashes, the outcomes are likely to be tragic. Unfortunately, plane accidents are often fatal; survivors are likely to be left with critical injuries. When planes ignite into flames, it is even more likely for crashes to be deadly. Without a doubt, surviving family members might have grounds to pursue wrongful death claims; however, they must first establish liability for the accident.

Who is Liable for the Plane Crash?

Who can be held accountable for the plane crash that killed a member of your family? The answer to this question depends on the cause of the accident.

For example, if the plane crash was determined to be caused by a mechanical issue, the owner of the plane could be liable. Typically, these small planes are the property of aviation companies that make them available to pilots for short periods. How could the owner of the plane be liable? Plane owners have a duty to ensure that all their aircrafts are safe to fly. They must constantly inspect the plane and keep up with maintenance and repairs to ensure that the airplane is safe to be flown. If the owner of the plane failed to either identify or address a hazard present on their plane, they could be liable for the harm resulting from a plane accident.

Likewise, if the plane crash was determined to be caused by pilot error, the pilot could be held accountable. If pilots fly with a suspended or expired license, under the influence of drugs/alcohol, or without the necessary training, a tragic incident could occur. If the pilot is sleep deprived or ill, an accident could also occur. In these cases, the pilot could be found liable based on the negligent decision to fly the plane without any regard for the safety of others.

Similarly, the plane manufacturer could also be held accountable. If an accident is determined to be caused by a defect present in the plane (such as a defect in design, labeling, or manufacturing), the company could be liable. Liability in these cases is based on product liability; that is, companies have a duty to ensure that their products are completely safe for use.

If you are unsure about who could be held liable for the crash that killed a member of your family, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at our law firm at your earliest convenience.

Could You Sue?

Do you have the right to pursue a claim? If liability is clear and the death of your loved one can be attributed to the negligent actions of a party or entity, you will definitely have grounds to sue. You could pursue a wrongful death claim against the plane owner, the pilot’s estate (if the pilot also died in the crash), or even the plane’s manufacturer. Under some circumstances, you might have grounds to pursue a claim against multiple of these entities. If you would like to learn more, do not hesitate to contact our law firm immediately.

Is Compensation Available?

No amount of monetary compensation can reverse the harm resulting from the tragic crash. However, if you file a wrongful death claim, you might have grounds to recover at least some sort of compensation. Some of the compensation that could be available for recovery could include the following:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Punitive damages

For more information about the type and amount of compensation that you could be eligible to receive, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at our law firm immediately. Our lawyers are ready to aggressively fight for your right to recover the highest amount of compensation available for your claim.

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