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Western Kosher Slip And Fall Attorney

Western Kosher Slip And Fall Attorney compensation lawyer attorney sue liability

Western Kosher is well-known in the Los Angeles area for its wide array of Kosher offerings, same-day delivery to Hancock Park, Fairfax area, Pico-Robertson area, Beverly Hills, Westwood, and West Hollywood. The store, located at 4817 West Pico Blvd., also delivers once a week to loyal customers in Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Irvine, and Rancho Palos Verdes. These services are greatly appreciated by those who wish to enjoy authentic kosher foods but are unable to travel to the store. 

However, these delivery customers should also be thankful that they never need to be concerned with the growing number of slip and fall issues occurring at Western Kosher. Sadly, many patrons have suffered severe injuries due to a slip and fall incident that could have easily been prevented. But this is not an issue that is isolated to this particular kosher market. Unfortunately, it is prevalent to find that employees are quick to overlook safety issues and often fail to correct hazards that are reported to them. 

If you recently suffered a Wester Kosher slip and fall accident and were injured, please be sure to contact DTLA Law Group today. Our staff can be reached 24/7 and is ready to help you begin to gather information about your rights as the victim of a slip and fall incident and how to hold Western Kosher accountable if the injuries and losses you sustained were due to staff negligence and a lack of care or maintenance to the store. In addition, when you reach out to our office, the team will schedule a free consultation for you to speak to a DTLA Law Group Wester Kosher slip and fall attorney to evaluate the legal merit of your case. If you have grounds for a slip and fall injury lawsuit, our pros will explain the process and answer any questions you might have about moving forward to secure the compensation you deserve. 

We also want you to understand that choosing to sue Wester Kosher is always yours. You are never obligated to take legal action or hire our firm. Our goal is only to ensure that all slip and fall accident injury victims understand their rights and the laws that are in place to help protect them. We also want to ensure that victims know they have a tile limit to file their claim so that no one ever loses their ability to seek justice because they did not have all the facts or information needed to make the best choice for their immediate and long-term needs.

Western Kosher Slip And Fall Attorney compensation incident accident liability liable
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Understanding The Statute Of Limitations 

The Statute of Limitations is a law that defines how long a victim has to file a lawsuit. The time limit applies to all cases and typically offers no exceptions once the time has expired. In addition, the time limit varies based on the legal matter of the claim. So, it is vital for victims to seek legal guidance from DTLA Law Group to ensure they know how long it will take to prepare their case and when it must be filed with the court.

Victims involved in a Western Kosher slip and fall accident injury are allotted two years from the date of the injury to have their case prepared and filed with the court. However, it is also helpful to consider that the sooner you reach out to DTLA Law Group to begin preparing the case, the more swiftly it will be resolved. It can be challenging to locate witnesses or gather vital information six months or a year after your slip and fall injury accident at this store. Reach out to our staff today and know that we will handle all aspects of your case so that you can focus on your recovery.

Possible Slip And Fall Safety Hazards You Could Encounter At Western Kosher

Slip and fall hazards become very common when the store staff fails to keep up on maintenance and housekeeping duties. What begins as a small spill can increase to a hazard that covers several aisles if it is not eliminated immediately when it is discovered or reported by a shopper. But sadly, with fewer staff members, many stores, such as Western Kosher, often struggle to get the se cleaning tasks handled in a prompt manner. Shoppers need to watch carefully for these common issues to avoid the painful and frequently costly result of a Wester Kosher slip and fall incident:

  • Liquids that are spilled on the floor but not mopped up
  • Ice that is dropped and melts into a hard to see puddle
  • Leaking water lines, coolant tubes, clogged drains, or damaged plumbing fixtures that create a wet and slippery floor
  • Food containers that leak allow small items like rice, beans, or pet kibble to spill onto the floor
  • Folded, damaged, or missing floor mats in damp areas
  • Floor mats that are saturated and oozing water
  • Trash that is overflowing from unattended waste baskets
  • Leaves or other debris that is gathering in the parking lot or along sidewalks
  • Floors that were recently mopped but had no caution signs to alert customers of the increased potential for a slip and fall incident

If you recently suffered a slip and fall injury at Wester Kosher, please make time to reach out to DTLA Law Group today. Our staff is happy to discuss the facts of your incident and help you understand how the negligence of the staff at Wester Kosher could have caused your accident and why they are liable for your injuries and losses.

What Does Duty Of Care Mean?

Duty of care is part of premises liability law that defines how property owners and their staff must maintain the space to ensure the safety of guests or customers. The level of care required must be equal to that of the average prudent person. So, the concept is much like what most people consider common sense. If you see a spill on the floor or one is reported by a customer, it should be immediately mopped up to prevent anyone from slipping and falling. That is what the average person would do and what is required of the staff at Western Kosher.

When store employees fail to meet the minimum standard of care required, they are said to be negligent in their duty of care. In addition, when that negligence is determined to have caused a patron to suffer an injury, the store owner is liable for the victim’s losses and damages. If you feel that your slip and fall was caused by a lack of proper care of the store by Wester Kosher staff, please reach out to DTLA Law Group to discuss how that negligence could force the owner to cover your expenses and costs caused by your slip and fall injury.

Western Kosher Slip And Fall Attorney compensation lawyer attorney sue liability
How Much Is My Western Kosher Slip And Fall Lawsuit Worth?

There are no preset values for certain accidents or injuries. So when a victim asks what is the potential value of their slip and fall lawsuit, the answer is somewhat complicated. The losses and expenses of the victim must be compiled and evaluated to determine the total amount of compensation they will request in their claim. Your DTLA Law Group Wester Kosher slip and fall attorney will work with you to ensure that all the costs and losses you suffered due to your injuries are accounted for in the amount you are seeking. The common items included in a slip-and-fall lawsuit are:

  • The replacement cost of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the slip-and-fall accident
  • Your lost wages if the injuries you sustained prevent you from returning to your regular job until you are fully healed or if you miss work to attend any medical appointments related to the injuries or harm caused by the slip and fall at Wester Kosher
  • All medical expenses for your slip and fall injuries as well as emotional care for trauma, mental healthcare for possible PTSD, any essential medical devices or equipment and medication, as well as the estimated cost of any future medical care, deemed essential to your fullest possible recovery
  • All legal expenses for your Western Kosher slip and fall injury lawsuit
Can I Afford To Hire DTLA Law Group For My Western Kosher Lawsuit?

When you hire DTLA Law Group, we never require any upfront legal fees or expenses. Our firm understands that these costs often prevent victims from seeking the expert legal guidance and services they need and deserve to secure the compensation that is owed to them. Because we pledge to deliver justice for all, we only get paid after the case is resolved, and you have the compensation needed to cover your legal costs and other expenses. And if we fail to win your Western Kosher slip and fall injury lawsuit, you owe us nothing for our time or investment in your case.

We hope this client-friendly payment policy demonstrates our dedication to putting the needs of our clients first and our confidence in winning every case our expert Wester Kosher slip and fall attorneys handle. Please get in touch with our office today to discuss the details of your slip and fall accident and how the issues could have been avoided if the staff at the store had dedicated more time to protecting customers’ safety. But we ask that you reach out as soon as possible to ensure that you still have enough time remaining to file your claim before the Statute of Limitation on your Western Kosher slip and fall lawsuit expires.

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