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Loose Railing Accident Lawyer

Loose Railing Accident Lawyer sue liability attorney compensation incident

If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries because of a loose railing, please know that you are not alone. The expert legal team at DTLA Law Group is here to help you seek the compensation owed to you to ensure that you do not face debt and financial hardships due to someone else’s negligence. The purpose of a hand railing at steps or staircases is to increase the safety of those using these sometimes treacherous paths. However, when the property owner or their staff fail to ensure the railing is stable and functional, they often contribute to many severe injuries.

The expert personal injury lawyers at DTLA Law Group are ready to help you understand your rights as the victim of a personal injury, as well as what is expected of every property owner in the country. If they failed to take the steps necessary to ensure the safety of their facility, then you have the right to seek compensation for the harm and expenses you sustained when you were injured. And our staff has decades of experience helping clients just like yourself to ensure that the legal system functions as it was designed to do and protects the rights of innocent victims.

Please make time immediately to contact the DTLA Law Group office to speak to an expert who will answer all your general questions. In addition, they will schedule your free consultation with a loose railing accident lawyer to discuss the facts of your case in detail. Once they have all the vital information, they will provide you with a complete evaluation of the legal merit of your claim and your ability to file a lawsuit. But please know that you are never under any obligation to hire DTLA Law Group or file a lawsuit unless that is what you believe is in your best interest. All we ask is that you act now to gather this crucial information to ensure you understand the time limit for you to file your lawsuit with the court if that is your choice.

Loose Railing Accident Lawyer compensation incident accident liability liable
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How Long Do I Have To File My Loose Railing Accident Lawsuit

It is essential that all victims know the Statute of Limitations defines how long they have to file their claim with the court. Each lawsuit is governed by this law, even though the amount of time can vary based on the legal matter involved in the case. But the one constant across all lawsuits is that once the Statute of Limitations expires, the victim loses the right to file a claim with the court or to seek compensation for harm or losses due to that event.

In cases involving personal injuries caused by loose railing, the victim is given two years from the date of the incident to have their case prepared and filed with the court. It is also critical to know that there are rarely any exceptions to this time limit, and cases filed after the Statute of Limitations expires will be immediately denied. It is always advised that a victim seek legal counsel as soon as possible after an injury to ensure they understand the time limit to file a claim and the possible time needed to prepare their case. This eliminates many potential issues later if they determine they are ready to take legal action.

Always Be On The Lookout For Loose Railing

Sadly, there are many locations where you will find a handrail at steps to increase the safety of those using them. But regardless of the location, you should check the railing when you approach the steps to ensure it is not loose. Common locations that could have a damaged or loose rain include:

  • Motels
  • Hotels
  • Apartment buildings
  • Airbnb locations
  • Office complexes
  • Medical facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Theaters
  • Concert venues
  • Casinos
  • Stadiums
  • Libraries
  • Banks

Regardless of the location or venue, the property owner has a responsibility to ensure that the handrails throughout the facility are safe and functional. If you discover one that is loose, proceed with added caution and alert the property manager as soon as possible.

Common Loose Railing Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, when a safety device such as a hand railing fails, the victim often suffers serious harm. These railings are meant to provide added stability and security. So, the victim can place significant weight on the railing only to discover it is loose and unable to support it. In most cases, the result is a nasty fall. Injuries that are common from a fall caused by a loose railing include:

  • Head injuries that can be as severe as a traumatic brain injury or skull fracture
  • Back, neck, or spinal cord damage
  • Broken, fractured, or shattered bones
  • Damage to the soft connective tissue of joints or joint dislocations
  • Severe lacerations or soft tissue damage
  • Damage to internal organs or internal bleeding
  • Injuries to the delicate facial skin, nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, or ears

Even if you think that your injuries are not severe, it is wise to seek a complete medical evaluation after suffering a fall due to a loose railing. There could be damage or injuries that are masked by the adrenaline of the fall or that could be more severe than you initially anticipated. Having the harm you suffered documented by a medical professional could also be beneficial if you need to seek compensation for your injuries via a lawsuit.

Who Is To Blame For A Loose Railing Accident Injury?

In many cases, you might have no idea who is responsible for the care of the property where you were injured because of a loose railing. However, the legal experts at DTLA Law Group will have no trouble locating the responsible party. Under premises liability laws, the owner of any property or their managers is obligated to maintain the space in a safe and hazard-free manner. They are typically required to repair all damage or eliminate any hazards they discover or are reported in a timely manner. If the issue cannot be immediately eliminated, they must place warnings in the area to alert others of the increased potential for harm or a hazard that should be avoided.

If the staff fail to take these required actions, they are said to be negligent in their duty of care. In addition, if it is determined that the staff’s negligence caused or directly contributed to someone suffering an injury, the property owner is liable for the damages or losses suffered by the victim. Your personal injury lawyer at DTLA Law Group will explain this in more detail and how duty of care could have played a part in the injuries you suffered and your ability to sue the property owner for the losses you incurred.

Loose Railing Accident Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue liability
How Much Is The Value Of My Loose Railing Injury Lawsuit?

Victims of a personal injury are often under the misconception that there are predetermined values for some injuries. So they contact DTLA Law Group to ask what the specific value of a lawsuit would be based only on the fact that they suffered a broken arm or leg. But that is not the way a personal injury lawsuit value is determined, Each case is carefully evaluated and the losses and expenses of the victim are compiled to determine the value for that lawsuit.

As you work with your DTLA Law Group legal team, you will discuss all the expenses you have incurred as well as losses that are attributed to the injuries you suffered in the loose railing fall. The team will help you gather all the vital documentation to ensure that you are fully compensated for all the costs that you suffered due to someone else’s negligence. These items are likely to include:

  • All medical expenses related to the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of the injuries you suffered in the loose railing incident, as well as medications, essential medical equipment, and any mental healthcare or therapy needed to overcome the trauma of the incident
  • The replacement cost of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the incident
  • Your lost income if the injuries you suffered prevented you from returning to your job until you were fully recovered or if you missed time at work to attend medical appointments related to the injuries from your accident
  • All legal costs related to your loose railing injury lawsuit

In some cases, it is possible to seek added compensation for pain and suffering. If these items apply in your case, your legal team will assist you in determining a fair and reasonable amount to include for this compensation.

You Deserve Exceptional Legal Services

At DTLA Law Group, we believe all victims deserve the best legal representation and should never face added financial issues when securing legal representation. To ensure that everyone can afford to get the best legal services from DTLA Law Group, we never charge any upfront legal fees or expenses. Instead, we only get paid after our client gets the compensation needed to cover their legal costs and other expenses.

In addition, we pledge that you owe us nothing for our time and investment in your lawsuit if we fail to win the case and get you the funds needed to cover your legal costs. This policy demonstrates our dedication to our valued clients and our faith in our staff to win every case they handle. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group today to learn more and ensure that you have the time and opportunity you deserve to seek justice for the harm and damage you have endured.

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