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Escalator Technician Injury Attorney

Escalator Technician Injury Attorney incident accident sue lawsuit lawyer liability sue
How Do Escalators Work?

Escalators work by moving people on a vertical walkway, that helps them get between two floors in a building. Escalators are seen inside and outside of a building, and do help move human foot traffic in a designated area. Escalators work by allowing passengers to step onto the first or lowest step of the escalator, and stand still to ride the escalator up or down to their floor level destination. But escalators can break down and be dangerous to fix, and they need to be serviced frequently by an escalator technician.

Inside of the escalator itself, there are panels that go around in a circular motion to make the escalator move forward. The escalator creates stairs that go up and down, where many people need to move up and down flights. The escalator moves people up and down, and extends to several levels. An escalator can be short, long, narrow or wide, and are often near stairs or near an escalator for disabled people or those with walking challenges to have access to move in between floors safely.

What Is an Escalator Made Out of Inside?

The escalator has moving stairs, made of rubber with ridges on the top to help you get a firm grip when you step onto it. The escalator stairs are painted with yellow markings around the outside of the steps, to help you see where to stand in the middle of the stairs for safety. There is a motor on the sides of the steps with a conveyor belt, and the steps flatten out on the top of the landing, and create stair steps again going up or down, depending on the chosen direction for the escalator. Each step has a wheel base on each side, that is attached to a series of wheels on the conveyor, helping the escalator to move smoothly through its operation up and down between floors. Finally, there are chains, bolts, tracks and conveyors that all work together to allow a smooth and safe movement along the escalator, keeping it in good working order for the passengers who use it.

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Escalator Technicians Need to Be Highly Trained to Perform Their Jobs Safely

An escalator technician needs to be highly trained on the safest ways to perform their repair jobs safely. If an escalator technician is not properly trained on how to fix an escalator, then that individual technician can be seriously injured by the escalator needing repairs.

The escalator technician needs to safely perform the job to repair a broken escalator, by:

  • Locking and tagging the main power before repairs
  • Barricading both ends of the escalator before doing any repairs
  • Keeping safety circuits in full operation
  • Preventing passengers from using escalator when it is being repaired
  • Ensuring a circuit is de-energized before repairs
  • Troubleshooting electrical problems safely
  • Disconnecting main drive chains safely
  • Repairing brakes safely
  • Wearing safety protection for shoes, eyes, clothing and gloves before all repairs

If you have been injured as an escalator technician and need to talk to an attorney, you can feel comfortable calling our legal office at the DTLA Law Group today. We can review your case and discuss the next steps to initiating a lawsuit on the merits of your claim.

How Can an Escalator Technician Performing Escalator Repairs Cause Serious Personal Injuries?

The escalator technician can be injured in any number of ways, when he or she is performing routine repairs to a broken escalator. The escalator has many moving parts, and needs to be in perfect working condition, to prevent hazardous conditions to passengers, riders and maintenance people who will care for the escalator when the escalator technician is not around.

The escalator can be a hazard for the escalator technician, with the:

  • Broken motors
  • Malfunctioning closed-loop brake controllers
  • Excessive load ranges
  • No brake maintenance
  • No adjustments to the escalator unit over time

Escalator technicians are at a high risk of being injured when making repairs for a broken escalator. If you are injured in the line of making repairs to an escalator as an escalator technician, you need to call us today to talk about your damages, losses and personal injuries resulting from this type of accident.

What Happens When an Escalator Breaks Down?

When the escalator breaks down, it is unable to safely allow passengers onto the moving escalator. It should be put out of order by the building owner, building operator and maintenance department for the building, to prevent injury to anyone in the public who use the equipment.

The escalator technician will need to look over the escalator, to determine the reasons for the break down, and will have to review the equipment to check:

  • Load profiles
  • Energy used in the equipment
  • Step widths
  • Speed of the steps
  • Proper inclination for the steps
  • Proper vertical rise
  • Proper operational modes
  • Proper height of balustrade
  • Handrail clearance
  • Protective barriers
  • Head guards
  • Railing minimums
  • Headroom minimums
  • Safety of adjacent floor spaces
  • Flooring opening protections

The escalator technician will need to call us with any injuries while repairing an escalator. We are on your side, and we are here to help you right now.

Typical Escalator Technician Injuries

Escalator technicians can be seriously injured when repairing an escalator. The general types of injuries that can be sustained include:

  • Crushing of limbs
  • Amputation of fingers and toes
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Concussion
  • Lacerations
  • Cuts
  • Abrasions
  • Infections
  • Slicing injuries
  • Open wounds
  • Compartment injuries
  • Electrocution
  • Falling from heights
  • Crushing in the escalator shaft
  • Internal injuries
  • Bleeding internally
  • Objects piercing the body
  • Objects flying in the eyes

If you are injured as an escalator technician performing repairs on a broken escalator, you can call us now regarding our claim. You will need time to recover from your personal injuries, and will want to take the time you need to get better from your injured condition. If this is the case, you need not suffer in silence. You can call us right now, if you want to know the next steps to starting a lawsuit on your claim.

When you call our law office, you will be able to speak to a lawyer on our team today. You want to pay attention to the details related to your case, and discuss it now with a lawyer with experience in settling cases for personal injuries suffered as an escalator technician. You can get access to an attorney with expertise in winning cases of personal injuries.

Escalator Technician Injury Attorney incident accident sue lawsuit lawyer liability
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Can I Sue for Being Injured Making Escalator Repairs as an Escalator Technician?

Yes, we can sue if you are personally injured while making repairs as an escalator technician. Just feel free to call us at the DTLA Law office, and our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit on your behalf. In that way, our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue for you, and get the recovery settlement that you need in this type of claim.

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