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Insurance Bad Faith, Punitive Damages Attorney

free case evaluation of your claim with a top los angeles punitive Damages lawyer for insurance bad faithPunitive damages have the purpose of punishing defendants so they will think twice before they act in the same manner that caused harm to a plaintiff. The purpose of Punitive damages is to change the conduct of the defendant and also to change the conduct of others in the same industry that will think twice about conducting their business in the same fashion.   In doing so the amount awarded be excess of the actual damages sustained by a plaintiff. Punitive damages are not designed to recoup a plaintiff for losses of damages.  The purpose of punitive punishes the defendant so that they and others are deterred from perusing the same actions.  Punitive damages are no frequently awarded in civil cases.  Most states have strict ruled that limit the issuance of punitive damages.  Many states as well as the Supreme Court in the case of BMW of North America, Inc. v. Gore, have restricted the amount that can be awarded.


When will Punitive Damages be awarded to a Plaintiff

Damages are usually based on how much the plaintiff has suffered and the amount needed to take the person back to the state he was before the injury took place. Punitive damages are not given to pay for the suffering of the injured plaintiff or recoup his losses. The purpose of punitive damages acts as a deterrence, so that manufacturing companies, Insurance companies, or Individuals will refrain from perusing the same action in the future. Personal Injury Punitive damages only given in Torts claim and are not given in contract claims.  As a result United States law has allowed for plaintiff in Insurance bad faith cases to seek a claim under a Torts action.  This means that a plaintiff can seek punitive damages against an insurance company that has acted in bad faith in excess of the actual damages sustained

Getting Help: California Attorneys for Punitive Damage Recovery

At Downtown LA Law we will pursue all Punitive damages claims when warranted.   Whether defendants are huge corporations building defective products or powerful Insurance companies acting in bad faith against policy holders we will fight for you and pursue the justice you deserve. If you have been involved in an accident or you have been hurt by a defective product it is important that you are represented by a law firms that will fight for your rights under the law and help you achieve the maximum monetary amount for your settlement. Achieving a Punitive Damage claim against major corporations can be a difficult and challenging task.  At Downtown LA LAW Group we have a staff of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys that will fight for you. For a Completely FREE CONSULTATION with a Los Angeles Punitive Damage Lawyer from the Downtown LA Law Firm call (855)385-2529.
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