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Recovering Future Loss of Earnings for Motorcycle Accidents

Future loss of earnings refer to what you are unable to earn as a result of your injuries. Calculating loss of earnings requires proper evaluation of records of past earning in order to calculate the correct figure. It is important that any claim for future loss of earnings due to a motorcycle accident take into consideration the duration of time for recovery from injuries. How Do You Calculate Earnings Loss Calculating what your earnings are worth and the loss of business, time or work requires careful planning. For example if you are a carpenter earning $150 daily from your business and after your accident you are unable to work for 3 months, you are entitled to loss of income. For insurance companies to agree to pay for these costs you will need to show proof of your earnings. This will require a showing of proper tax returns and forms in order to make this demand from the insurance carrier. What you will need to consider is that without these forms and documents knowing it is difficult to make this loss of earnings request. Also, you cannot ask for damages beyond the scope of what you have earned. In other words you cannot make request for earnings which you may have earned or speculative earnings. The earnings that we request must be substantiated with some type of proof. I Lost My Job After the Motorcycle Accident It is not uncommon for injured parties to take long periods of time off of work following a motorcycle accident. Generally these accidents cause serious injury and leave the injured party unable to perform their daily work routines. As a result employers will be forced to seek a new employee after prolonged absences for work. In certain cases it is possible to recover for the loss of your job and the reasonable time requirement to seek gainful employment. Many injured parties will need sufficient amount of time to rest and recover from their injuries. It is our job to ensure that any compensation or award for damages factors in the loss of work, business or job. In order for our clients to have a full recovery we feel that they need to have sufficient funds in order to deal with any unknown variables. Get Full Recovery for Damages You are entitled after any motorcycle accident in Los Angeles full recovery for your damages. What this means is that you will be compensated for your pain and suffering, medical bills and any loss of income. Each element of your claim needs to be property inspected. Our attorneys will review each and every document and fact. Only then will we make a one-time settlement offer to the insurance company of the at fault driver. In many cases our settlement demands are taken seriously and a financial settlement is awarded.
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