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Citizenship Law FAQ – How Can I Become a US Citizen

(1) How can I become a US Citizen?

There are four usual ways a person can become a US citizen
  • Naturalization:  acquisition of citizenship by person who is not a citizen at birth.
  • Right of Birth: A child born in the United States; regardless of whether the parents are in the US illegally are conferred American Citizenship.
  • Right of Blood:  A child born outside of the United States to a US citizen at the time of birth.
  • Adoption of foreign born child:  Child Citizenship Act of 2000 grants certain foreign born adopted children of US citizens the ability to attain American citizenship.

(2)  Am I Qualified (Eligible) for Citizenship via Naturalization?  

A person is eligible for U.S. Citizenship if at least one of the Qualifications stated under US Immigration law is proven.  Some of the most common Qualifications are listed below.
  •  A foreign national with permanent residence in the U.S.  This applicant must be physically present in the U.S. for at least half that period.  And this applicant must not have been anbsent from American Soil for longer than a six month stretch.
  • A person who has been married to the same American Citizen for the past three year.  And has been living (a permanent resident) in the US for the same three years.
  • Service During Peacetime: A person that has served at least one year in U.S. Armed Forces, including the Marines, Air force, Army, Navy, Coast Gourd, active duty, reserves, or National Guard can file for naturalization.   Note this used to be three years of service before congressional act in 2002.
  • Active Duty Service During war, conflict, or hostilities:  Bases on Executive Order 13269 in 2002, a person that has served in active duty in the US Military at any time after September 11 2001 is eligible to apply for naturalization.  By anytime a person having served even one day of active duty is eligible to apply for naturalization.

(3) I am Eligible but how do I apply become a naturalized citizen?

An Eligible Person may use several options based on their background to obtain naturalization.
  • Eligible non U.S citizens use  “Application for Naturalization Form N-44”.
  • Eligible person under 18 years of age  who obtain citizenship from parents  use “Application for Certificate of Citizenship: Form N-600 to document citizenship.
  • Children who reside abroad use “Application for Citizenship and Issuance of Certificate under Section 322: Form N-600K”

(4)  I was convicted for a crime, and it has been expunged what do I do for immigration purposes?

Even if the Crime was expunged from your record you are obligated to be honest with the United Stats Citizenship and Immigration Service, (USCIS).  This includes all arrests, convictions, crimes which you were not convicted and not arrested or any other pertinent information.  These included all crimes, even petty crimes one was involved in. Note this reporting duty does not include many minor traffic offenses.  

(5)How long will it take to become naturalized?

The average time often varies but is generally about six months from the time the N-400 is received to the time the request has been processed by the USCIS.

(6) I want to change my name when I naturalize, how can I do that?

There are only two specific ways one can change your name and issues you a Certificate of naturalization sowing your changed, new name. 
  • (1)  Show that you have already legally based on US Law changed your name
  • (2)  Request or Petition the Court that is holding the Naturalization ceremony for an official name change.  If it is granted then the name change will appear.

(7)  I lost my Certificate of Naturalization, what can I do?

For N-656 is the Application for a Replacement of your lost naturalization certificate.   If you have a US Passport you may use it as evidence of your citizenship.  Be sure to apply for a Passport as soon as you are Naturalized as a US Citizen.   Immigration and naturalization department strongly recommends this to be done.

(8)What rights and responsibilities do I have as an American Naturalized Citizen?

I you have become a Naturalized US citizen you have almost all the rights that a Natural Born Citizen has.   You have the right to vote and participation in the political system, except you may not become the president of the United States.   You have the right to be protected by US law enforcement Agencies, from Local Police agencies to the Federal Government.  You have the legal right to protect yourself from a illegal police law enforcement procedures. Duties of a US Naturalized Citizen include, paying taxes, serving in the jury, male citizens over the age of 18 must register with the selective service.   One owes an oath to by law protect the United States from its enemies by performing combatant and or non combatant forces.

(9) I need Citizenship and Naturalization legal  and a deportation defense?

If you need to defend your rights and defend your ability to remain in the United States it is important to know your rights and be defended by top immigration attorneys  that have knowledge of the rules of immigration and naturalization and will fight for your rights.

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