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Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer: What you need to know

Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer What you need to know representation attorney help information law firm
Hiring a Criminal defense lawyer to represent you in court for a crime you have been charged for can be a challenging and often laborious task.  There are many questions that you should have answered before you select a Criminal Defense Lawyer that is right for you.  Below are questions frequenter asked by our Clients to our Criminal Defect Attorneys handling their DUI Arrests and Charges. Hiring  Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law firm to represent you in your DUI Charge will significantly increase your chances of of being fond not guilty in the court or law.

1. I have been arrested and charged for a Crime; Do I even need a lawyer to represent me?

Drunk Driving DUI Arrest lawyerAlmost always a criminal law lawyer will be a benefit to you and your case if you have been charged for a crime.  Criminal defense lawyers are privy to knowledge about the law, procedures of the court, and past experience in handling prior criminal cases which a non-lawyer does not have.  These attributes make a criminal defense lawyer in all probability the most important factor in freeing you from prison, reducing your charge, and or forcing the prosecution to drop all charges. If you have been charged for a crime is vital that you consult with a highly skilled Criminal Defense law firm before you speak to the prosecution regarding any factor in your case. 

2.  I am considered an Indignant; and cannot afford an attorney but I do not want a court appointed attorney to represent me what can I do.

Constitutionally a Criminal Justice system in required to provide you with a court appointed attorney if you are considered an indignant and the criminal charge has a risk of actual jail time.  However many do not want to be represented by a court appointed lawyer for a multitude of reasons.

3.  I want to hire a Criminal Defense lawyer what exactly do they do?

Once hired, there are many things that a criminal defense lawyer must do to protect your rights under the law and see to it that you receive the best defense for a crime charged as possible.  There is much work done and many actions by a lawyer in defense of his client that you may not be cognizant of; below is some of what a skill criminal defense lawyer does.
  • Fully Represent you in al Court proceedings
  • Provide investigator who will attempt to uncover information that is to your benefit in the case
  • Provide skilled and knowledgeable negotiation skills against often uncooperative county prosecutors
  • Ability to cast doubt in witness testimony and or evidence against you because of the unlawful nature prosecutors and or witnesses have accumulated such information
  • Explain to client and his loved ones the consequences of your crime and knowledgeable guidance of future course of action after the trial
  • Use expertise and skills to defend your constitutional right to a free and fair trial
  • Use familiarity with court procedures, judges, and prosecutors to benefit you in trial.

4.  Do I really need a lawyer; So what if I am convicted, other than some jail time is no big deal right?

WRONG: As smart as one may be, without the skills, expertise, and knowledge of a criminal defense lawyer a person charged may face a much harsher punishment then he would have if an attorney was hired.   For the same reason that you would not perform surgery on yourself or a loved one you should not attempt to practice law in yourself or your loved ones.  Make sure your rights are protected. A conviction can lead to many disastrous consequences including the loss of your job, the loss of your driver’s license, shame in the community, failure to find future employment, or ability to attend a professional school or university. Don’t plead guilty to a crime just because the prosecution is using scare tactics against you; contact a criminal defense lawyer that will protect your right to be set free.

5.  I have a court appointed attorney and I’m not sure about his advice what can I do?

If you are unsure about the information that is being supplied to you by a court appointed lawyer then you have a right to seek out a second opinion from a private criminal defense lawyer.  Often because of excessive workloads may not provide clients with the aggressive and determined criminal defense representation one looks for.   In these instances contact a private criminal defense lawyer and explain to his the situation you are under.  Seeking out second opinions regarding your case is a good way to make sure your rights are being protected.
Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer What you need to know representation attorney help information law firm

6.  I have been representing myself in a criminal matter; but now I want a criminal defense lawyer to represent me; can I do that?

YES:  At any time in the criminal justice timeline you have a sixth amendment right to change your representation to another lawyer.  This included changing representation from you to a private criminal defense attorney.

7.  I want a Lawyer to represent me in my criminal defense; who do I contact?

If you have been charged for a crime and require a skilled  criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles then contact us (855) 339-8879.  

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