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Where to turn when you are charged with Domestic Violence

While committing crimes of assault or battery are illegal and prosecuted as such, things get much more serious and the laws change when the person being abused is a spouse, fiancé, live in or dating partner, or parent to your child. California laws are harsh on cases of domestic violence. They are handled with stricter punishments when it is determined that physical force or threats of violence are used against an intimate partner or loved one, such as a child.

Domestic Violence Charges

There are a few common cases of domestic violence. They include, but are not limited to:
    • Corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant – it is against the law to inflict a “corporal injury” (to hit or strike violently) that turns out to leave a “traumatic condition” or a visible injury no matter how slight it is visibly.
    • Domestic battery – to impose force or violence on a person that is an intimate partner – to include a cohabitant, former spouse, or dating partner. Even if no visible injury is left, this crime can be charged.
    • Child abuse – one of the most heart breaking crimes in domestic violence, when a child is treated with cruelty or inhumanely, by inflicting corporal punishment or injury. There are limits to allowing certain spanking, but leaving a child with even a slight injury is illegal and abuse.
    • Child endangerment – this domestic violence crime is charged when a child in a person’s custody (or being taken care of) has their safety and health put at risk or if they experience harm due to the persons neglect to take care.
    • Criminal threats – threatening physical harm to someone verbally is illegal if you intentionally are putting that person in fear and put them in fear of harm against them for an extended period of time.

Penalties for Domestic Violence

The penalties for domestic violence depend on the severity of the incident and the criminal history of the violator. A minimum of 30 days in jail is usually imposed on the person committing the crime, even when it is the first time someone makes the offense. In addition, domestic violence classes are usually ordered on the convicted, as they usually need to seek help to overcome their issues.

Seeking help with your Domestic Violence Charges?

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