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Running a Red Light Car Accident Liability – Traffic Light Injury Claim

Red Light car accident attorneyStatistically speaking, accidents caused by a driver’s failure to stop at a red light are the leading cause of injury from a car accident.  Individuals involved in crashes where a driver was running a red light is nearly fifty percent more likely to suffer some type of pain than other types of accidents.  These injuries furthermore tend to be more severe, as accidents result at higher rates of speed as drivers rush through the intersection in order to make the yellow light.  Making matters worse, red light accidents usually result in t-bone, or direct impact collisions, where the point of impact is closer to the passengers. Every year, red light accidents will account for roughly 900 to 1000 deaths and an additional 100,000 personal injury cases.  Most Americans (fifty-six percent) admit that they have at one point ran a red light, and about a third of people know of someone who has died or suffered a serious injury.

Major Causes of Red Light Accidents

Most people have witnessed or been involved in a red light automobile accident in some capacity or another.  Sometimes, they can be attributed to the inattentiveness of a driver.  Taking your eyes of the road for five seconds at 35 miles per hour to check your phone, talk to your friends, or change the station on the radio is the equivalent of driving blind for the length of a football field.  This creates hazardous driving conditions anywhere, but is especially exacerbated in an intersection with a traffic signal.

Other causes of red light accidents are:

Running a red light car accidentRushing to make the light – We have all been confronted with the decision to either stop or to proceed when driving at a yellow light.  A safe driver will know when to stop, but often times, they will accelerate in order to save themselves a few seconds on the road.  These seconds can often prove to be deadly, as the heightened speed only aggravates the injury. Inoperable or malfunctioning traffic signals – We have seen numerous instances where a defective signal will cause an accident.  Although rare, these cases require specialized knowledge and quick response in order to prove that the city or county is responsible for the accident. Cameras – Cameras have been installed throughout California in an effort to minimize red light accidents.  Opponents of these cameras argue that they raise the rate of rear-end collisions, and in certain situations, cause the driver to speed even faster than they normally would. Illegal left or U-turns – Drivers that yield behind at a green light often make a turn too soon, or illegally, causing an accident.  In these situations, the driver making the turn is at fault, unless they had a left turn only signal in their direction.  These are some of the hardest cases to prove, as they boil down to a he said-she said argument.  Without any independent witnesses or corroborating police reports, an attorney will probably be necessary to prove your case.

Intersection Crash Attorneys

In any of these situations, our attorneys will make sure that not only will the victim of the accident not be held liable for the damages, but also that you will receive the maximum level of compensation for your damages.  We will also fight against insurance companies to make sure that they pay for your vehicle and property damage as well. Our team of lawyers will find the right specialist, accident re-constructionists, and evidence to prove your case and maximize the amount you receive from your accident.  We have the requisite resources and knowledge necessary to go to battle for you.
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