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Obama is an Apple Fanatic – Detests Windows PC

Obama is an Apple Fanatic – Detests Windows PC

Obama and Pumpkin

Does President Barack Obama Love Apple? Well the answer may be found in the recent spending data on his 2012 re-election presidential campaign. According to the recent data that released by the presidential re-election committee Barack Obama has spent more than 45 million dollars so far.   Of the 45 million dollars spent, which by the way is more that any amount by his republican rivals, 11 million was spent on his staff. Of that amount a total of $51,140 was spend on Apple products for his staff from the I-pad to their Ibook while nothing was spent on any Windows products.   Recently apple products have been on the new for product defects. It remains to be scene of those product defect will in any way affect Obama presidential campaign. If they do maybe Obama can have a claim against Apple for losing his presidency and he may in fact hire a product defect attorney and sue Apple. Apple sure as heck has enough money to recoup for any losses. So what is the answer; well money talks and S**t walks so I guess it may well be true, Obama does love the Apple.
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