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Reducing Pedestrian Accidents – is technology the key?

Reducing Pedestrian Accidents – is technology the key?
Pedestrian Injury Lawsuit

New Technology may help reduce and prevent crosswalk and traffic light pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian safety has always been key issue. Whether it is injuries caused by defective road ways, improper or lack of repairs or motorist negligence, pedestrians continue to get injured. These injuries can be serious at times. When pedestrians are struck by another car, or fall into exposed manholes or other road conditions, they can be seriously hurt. Reducing Pedestrian Accidents:  New technology by General Motors (GM) is working to help drivers be more aware of pedestrians. The technology will utilize current cellular Wi-Fi signals, in order to inform drivers of pedestrians in the vicinity. This technology will give proper warning signs in order to allow the driver to make proper maneuvers to avoid the collision or accident. This type of technology can be life-saving. It can offer pedestrians an opportunity to be seen and heard in a never before seen way. Downtown L.A. Law have been warning pedestrians of the dangers of un-attentive drivers or defective road conditions. These issues have long been the root cause of serious pedestrian injuries. New technology may be the key to avoiding these avoidable injuries. However, there are mounting concerns over privacy and personal data. Many individuals may opt out of having their signal transmitted. In an era where privacy is becoming more and more important, while technology is becoming more intrusive it will be interesting to see whether GM’s technology will be openly embraced. Those injured in pedestrian accidents should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer at Downtown L.A. Law for a free case evaluation.
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