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Liquid Laundry Packets Pose Significant Danger to Children

Liquid Laundry Packets Pose Significant Danger to Children The United States Consumer Protection Safety Commission has issued a warning for Single Load Laundry Packets. According to the CPSC Safety Alert the packets can expose children to harmful chemicals present in the laundry packets. According to the agency the packets look attractive to young children who then pick it up and put in on their mouths. There have been more than 500 incidents involving children and adults who have been injured. What to Do If your Child has Suffered in Potential Lawsuit – If your son or daughter has been exposed to such harsh chemicals. Under Product Liability Laws your child may be able to exert a claim against the manufactures of defectively designed or manufactured products which cause significant injuries. Generally there are three ways in which a plaintiff attorney can assert a claim for a defective product.
  • Design Defect
  • Manufacturing Defect
  • labeling Defect or Failure to Warn Defect

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