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Murder Investigation Leads Police to Strip Club in Perris California Home, Charges of Child Abuse by Parents

Murder Investigation Leads Police to Strip Club in Perris California Home, Charges of Child Abuse by Parents What started out as a routine murder investigation led Perris California police to an even larger criminal trail inside an unassuming home including an unauthorized strip club and claims of child abuse and child endangerment.  Police were looking into the July death of 46-year-old Calvin Lynch, who was found outside the Perris home of Gregory Bernard Lacy, 60, and his wife, LaQuron McLean Lacy, 43.  However, when police officials entered the home, they found a fully fledged strip club, fully equipped with a stage, alcohol, stripper pole and a private back room the owners called the “exotic zone.” Most alarming, however are the reports related to the couple’s seven adopted children, all under the age of 11.  As police entered the home, they found several ecstasy pill on the kitchen counter, easily within the reach of the children.  Reports indicate that the strip club operations were conducted in their presence and lasted until the early morning. As police delved deeper, the children reportedly told cops haunting claims of physical and sexual abuse. The children told police that they were often beat with metal objects such as hangers, as well as fists, belts and other metal objects.  All the children had visible scarring.  The children also admitted to being locked and imprisoned in their rooms, often without food.  A six-year-old child also was threatened with a Taser gun. A seven-year-old girl also told police that Gregory Bernard Lacy had sexually assaulted her on the bathroom floor in front of several other of the adopted children. The couple reportedly lived in a quiet suburb of Riverside, California.  The House is located on the 3000 block of Kalei Court.  Gregory Bernard and LaQuron were arrested on October 10, 2012 and have been charged with multiple counts of child abuse.  Gregory is being held on $1 million bail, and LaQuron on $50,000.

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