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11 year old charged with abusing disabled mother

11 year old charged with abusing disabled mother In Sacramento California the 11 year old son of a disabled mother was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after she was severely beaten with an extension cord.  Authorities say she was so badly beaten that hospitalization was required. The boy, whose name has not been release because of his minor status, was placed in the Custody of Juvenile Hall.  The Elk Grove police spokesman stated the boy was to be charged with elderly abuse of his own mother. The victim is a 51 year old woman; she has suffered serious injuries to her arm, legs, chest, feet, groin area, and torso. Elderly abuse is a growing issue in the Unites States.  As the baby boomer generation ages there will be more and more persons who are disabled, incapacitated, and cannot take care of themselves requiring the assistance of others. Such disabilities result in many taking advantage of the elderly and or physically and emotionally abusing them. If you believe a loved one, family member, or friend is suffering from elder abuse contact law enforcement immediately.
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