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Jantz Grodzicki Killed in Motocross Accidental Crash

Jantz Grodzicki Killed in Motocross Accidental Crash Jantz Grodzicki of Scribbs Ranch a small community to the north of San Diego was killed in a Motocross racing crash.  The unfortunate accident took place during an amateur motocross race in Alachua Florida over the weekend.  According to reports the young racer was close to turning professional. Chris Grodzicki the father of the deceased teen stated on his son conditions after the accident, “We left the hospital last night with zero hope from the doctors of his survival chances. His heart stopped at the track and he was pronounced brain dead at the hospital with no response.” Before his death his family set up a Community Facebook Page for individuals, friends, fans, and family members to be updated on his latest medical conditions and pray for his health. The facebook page reads, “Jantz is still struggling for life, he is currently on life support. This page has been set up at the request of Jantz’ mom to post directly to the family.”  

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