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How to know you are hurt from Toxic Mold Incident | Questionnaire

Mold Contamination Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for the purpose of determining whether you have had any symptoms related to exposure to toxic torts. Such exposure can cause serious long term health complications and this questionnaire is intended on determining whether a possible cause action is permitted.
  1. Nausea;
  2. Asthma or breathing problems;
  3. Cervical cancer;
  4. Skin lesions;
  5. Acne;
  6. Sneezing;
  7. Itchy skin;
  8. Migraine’s or constant headaches;
  9. Breathing disorders;
  10. Chronic Bronchitis;
  11. Chronic sinus infections;
  12. Ear infection;
  13. Joint pain;
If you have any of the above mentioned issues then you may have a cause of action and can recover for your injuries. Toxic mold will allow for serious recovery for your losses and we recommend you contact our offices now for a free consultation.

Why Chose Our Toxic Mold Lawyers

We have access to resources other firms may not have and understand the need for expert witnesses to further define your case. Our experts in the field of environmental science, pulmonary and respiratory care, allergist and immunologist will help maximize your recovery. Additionally, we have access to some of the best toxic mold lab’s and technicians in order to determine the level of toxicity.

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Contacting us is easy and we are always available either via telephone 855-385-2529 fax at 877-389-2775 or email at It is recommended you contact us immediately in order to preserve proper evidence and take steps needed to protect your claim. Contact the Los Angeles toxic mold lawyers today.
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