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Vinyl Chloride Class Action Lawsuit – Liver Cancer Exposure

Vinyl Chloride Class Action Lawsuit – Liver Cancer ExposureOur law firm is currently investigating class action and single party claims against manufacturers of the chemical vinyl chloride. According to recently published studies exposure to vinyl chloride has been linked to the development of a forms of liver cancer called angiosarcoma. Other deleterious health complication resulting from exposure to the dangerous chemical are include…
  • Compromised immune systems
  • Loss of sex drive in males.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Increased risk of cancer – including brain, lung and blood cancers.
Vinyl chloride has been used for decades in the production of PVC’s (polyvinyl chloride) used in common consumer and industrial products containing plastics bottles, plastic packaging material, water pipes and sealants. Attorney Help: Individuals who have been diagnosed with liver cancer and have been exposed to the vinyl chloride may have a right to financial compensation for all damages sustained. If you would like to speak with an attorney regarding you claim feel free to contact our law offices tolls free (855) 339-8879. Statute of Limitations for Filing a Vinyl Chloride Exposure Lawsuit: The statute of limitations is the timing deadline to file a civil case in the court of law. In the state of California personal injury causes of action including exposure to chemical substances must be filed within two years from the date of the incident or notice of an injury. Cases involving exposure to toxic chemicals can present significant issues regarding the statute of limitations given the extended period of time a victim may have been exposed. As such court have frequently provided for an exception to a statute of limitations regarding such cases.

Filing a Dangerous Chemical Lawsuit – Compensation Available for Class Action Lawsuit Participants

Class action lawsuits often take place when there are a large number injured victims with a similar cause of action against an at fault individual or corporations. In class action lawsuits one claimant is chose as the representative for the all injure claimants. That individual will present his or her claim in the court of law. The average case settlement amount  for class action lawsuits involving significant bodily damage due to exposure to dangerous chemicals is dependent on several significant factors. Some of the most important factors in determining the value of a case are as follows…
  • The level of harm suffered.
  • The length of time an individual will suffer from the injuries.
  • Pain and suffering associated with the injuries.
  • Lost wages and loss of future income compensation.
  • Whether punitive damages are available.
Cost of Hiring an Attorney for Your Case: Our attorney client relationships are based on a contingency fee basis. These means that our clients do not have to pay any out of pocket costs for the legal work we perform in their behalf. Once there is a resolution of the case our law firm will take a percentage of the settlement amount as restitution for the legal work performed. Our law firm assumed all the risks of litigation – meaning that if there is no resolution of your case you do not have to pay us anything. Attorney Help: If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries due to long term or acute Vinyl Chloride feel free to contact our law offices. Our attorneys can assist you any time of day 24/7. Further Information: CDC Report Dangers of Vinyl Chloride

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