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Tulsa Dentist Office HIV Exposure – Dental Malpractice Lawsuit

Tulsa Dentist Office HIV Exposure – Dental Malpractice Lawsuit Thousands affected by what could be considered, one of the worst cases of dental negligence. Oral surgeon at a popular Tulsa county facility is responsible for possibly transmitting HIV, hepatitis B and C to patients. Apparently the infection is the result of un-sanitary conditions. These conditions contributed to the possible transmission of serious infections. Such infections are often life long and require long term treatment and care. Dental negligence of this scale is uncommon. In a industry that practices safe hygiene. Downtown L.A. Law Group is currently evaluating claims  against the dentist and the dental practice whose actions may have lead to the infection of hundreds of patients. Lawsuit Against Dentist office for HIVThose who think they have contracted any of the above mentioned infections, are urged to get tested. According to reports as much as 7,000 people faced exposure from the practices of this doctor. Faculties who are responsible for the transmission of an infection are liable. When you fail to adhere to proper protocol and safety regulations, you are acting in a negligent manner. In this case, thousands were exposed to life threatening infections. Those who were infected may require long term care and treatment. When an establishment fails to adhere or implement safety controls they will be liable for injuries. Here, many unsuspecting patients are force to seek evaluation. Those who have unfortunately contracted any infection will be required to seek treatment. “It is absolutely outrageous“, says Farid Yaghoubtil, senior partner at Downtown L.A. Law Group, for a doctor to act so careless. “To act with such disregard is criminal. Patients put their trust in the dentist, and never expected to have to deal win such issues.” To Speak with an attorney regarding any potential claims contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529.

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