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California Lottery Dispute Attorney | Ownership of Winning Ticket Lawsuits

California Lottery Dispute Attorney lawyer lawsuit sue

Lottery Dispute AttorneyWinning the lottery should be a happy and joyful occasion for winners and their families. But what happens when there is a dispute amongst family members, friends, and co-workers who have pooled their funds to purchase multiple lottery tickets. The Downtown LA Law Firm is dedicated to protecting the legal rights if individuals who have been wrongly defrauded from their lottery ticket winnings by others including

  • California Super Lotto
  • Mega Millions
  • Power Ball Winnings
  • Fantasy Five
  • And winning Scratcher games worth over $15,000.

If there is a dispute over a lottery ticket winning, whether it involves family member fraud, workplace fraud (like an employer stealing your ticket), etc., you might have grounds to pursue a lawsuit. You might need the assistance of a stolen lottery ticket lawyer. If you are in need of a lawyer to handle your Mega Millions, Power Ball, or Super Lotto dispute case, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at our firm immediately.

We can fight for your rights to the compensation you are entailed too.  Our Law Firm is available for a free no cost consultation of your claim 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. (855)385-2529. Several Types of Lottery Dispute that can Result in Lawsuits:  There are numerous typed of instances where individuals who have a right to receive their lottery winnings are not able to. Some of the most common are as follows.

  • Lottery Pools in the Workplace – Unfortunately many of our coworkers may become blinded by greed and claim that the lottery ticket that was purchased was not part of the pool that was joined. Under such circumstances specific evidence such as the signing of a ticket or email documenting the collection of money for the purchase of lottery tickets may help prove ownership.
  • Family and Friend Pools in for Purchase of Lottery Tickets –  In many instances family members, neighbors and friends pool their money together to purchase hundreds of not thousands of lottery tickets. Such disagreements often become complicated resulting in serious family issues. In some instances, lottery winning can result in a breakup of relationships or marriages. In those instances, couples will likely argue as to who may be the rightful owner of the winnings awarded. Evidence that can be brought to show who the rightful owner of a ticket is may include showing that the individual claiming to be the rightful owner had previously and systematically chosen the numbers that won.
  • Lottery denial of Lottery Payment to Lawful Winner – In some cases state and regional lotteries refuse payment of lottery ticket winnings to the rightful owner. Reasons that might be given to serve an excuse not to give away winnings may include evidence of lost or stolen lottery tickets.

An employee, another worker, my boss, or my employer stole my ticket. What can I do? My brother or sister stole my ticket. What are my options? Without a doubt, you might have grounds to file a dispute and take legal action to ensure that you get your winnings. If you would like to learn more about the options available to you, do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at our firm immediately.

california lottery dispute attorney lawyer lawsuit compensation sue

What Our Law Firm Can Do For Your: The Downtown LA law Group is dedicated to protecting the rights of those who have suffered financial harms do to the actions of others. Winning the lottery should be a joyful experience – we will make sure that individuals who have defrauded you of you winning are brought to the court of law. Our Law Firm is able to represent clients across the state of California including Los Angeles, San Diego, Bay Area including San Fransisco, Oakland, San Jose, Sacramento and the San Joaquin valley. We are available by phone 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. We won’t sleep until you can be rest assured that someone is fighting for you. (855) 339-8879

At our firm, we understand that it could be difficult to access legal services. Therefore, we offer free legal services, which include free consultations and free second opinions. During these free legal services, our California lottery dispute attorneys will answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and provide you with all the information that you need to pursue your claim and reach a successful claim outcome. Would you like to benefit from our legal services? If so, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

We offer a Zero-Fee guarantee, which means that our clients will not have to worry about paying upfront legal fees for our legal services. Additionally, because our firm is based on a contingency structure, our clients will not be required to cover legal fees until after reaching a positive claim outcome. What does this mean? If you do not win, you will not have to pay anything.

Whether the dispute involves the workplace and another worker stealing your ticket or family members or even friends or neighbors stealing your ticket, you might have grounds to pursue a claim. You should contact us immediately to learn more about your right to file a dispute.

¡Hablamos español! Si sus ganancias de lotería han sido robadas, o alguien lo defraudo de cualquier manera, usted puede demandar para recuperar sus ganancias. ¿Usted necesita un abogado? Si le gustaría discutir su situación con un abogado con experiencia en fraude de lotería en el estado de California, no dude en llamarnos en cuando pueda. ¡Nuestros abogados están listos para ayudarle con su caso!

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