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Jewelry Fraud -Selling Uncertified Diamonds Watches and Other Precious Gems

Precious jewels diamonds and watches fraud is increasingWhat to do if I was sold fake jewelry? Being sold fake jewelry can be a frustrating and embarrassing situation. If you were a victim of such fraud, you can likely recover for damages.  Vendors who sell fake jewelry do so in an effort maximize profits. When a vendor engages in the sale of fake jewelry without informing the consumer or his customer, he is liable for fraud and deceptive business practices. Individuals or businesses who are active in the sale of fake jewelry do so in order maximize their profits. When dealers sell fake jewelry and charge market prices they are earning serious profits. Dealers earn up-to 10 times their regular profits when they sell fake jewelry.

What is Fake Jewelery

Fake jewelry can consist of the sale of fake diamonds, plated gold, and replica products and or the sale of any item which is not authentic without disclosure to the consumer. Consumers are often the victims when they purchase replica watches such as Rolex, Audemar Piguet, Hublot, Cartier or other designer labels. Often time’s consumers are not aware that the item was a replica or fake until a later time. In such instances it is important to keep accurate records of the time of purchase and other information related to the purchase. Other instances include the sale of fake diamonds. Vendors sell diamonds disguised as authentic or genuine and provide false papers of authenticity to verify the sale. In such instances the consumer often pays thousands of dollars for the purchase of worthless jewelry. If you are a victim of jewelry fraud, it is important to seek representation for your losses. Our offices have the resources to alert the proper authorities as well as bringing civil action against the seller.

Can I Sue for Jewelery Fraud

How much can I recovery if I was sold fake jewelry? Generally, you can recover the value of what you believed it was worth less its actual value. Courts can award the higher value of the product in certain instances. If you are considering bring forth a cause of action it is important to consult an attorney. Victims can sue for their damages. A civil lawsuit can be brought against the vendor or dealer in order to seek compensation. You can also contact your local authorities and report this type of behavior. Your attorney can help with both the civil and criminal side of your complaint.

How We Can Help

Your first consultation is free and most cases can be handled on a contingency basis. Downtown LA Law’s jewelry fraud attorneys can help achieve maximum recovery for your loss. Our diamond fraud attorneys can help you recover for the economic loss of buying a fake diamond.

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