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Awning Rental Property Accident Injury Lawyer

Awning Rental Property Accident Injury Lawyer sue compensation incident liability

Have you been injured from an accident while staying at a property that was rented from Awning? Was the accident caused by dangerous conditions, like slippery floors, lack of security, broken stairs, and faulty wiring? If so, you may have grounds to sue Awning for negligence, as they are the company in charge of managing the property.

Awning is one of many Airbnb management companies throughout the world, and they have become more popular than ever, thanks to the increased demand for vacation and short-term rentals. Nowadays, you can turn just about any kind of property into a vacation rental, and many travelers enjoy staying at accommodations that feel more like home. The downside is the upkeep and management that’s associated with these units, especially if the owner lives far away from the property. That’s where companies like Awning can be of help, with various cleaning, maintenance, and payment services that make life easier for Airbnb owners.

One problem that’s often forgotten about with this arrangement is liability for accidents on the premises. Normally, the landlord is the responsible for upkeep and maintenance, but what if they are paying a management company to handle these issues? This is probably a question you have asked yourself if you or your loved one was harmed at a rental property managed by Awning. Our legal team is here to help with all your questions and concerns. Please contact our legal team is you were injured from any of the incidents listed below:

  • Slip and fall or trip and fall accident
  • Hit by falling object
  • Fall / crushing injuries from collapsed ceiling or roof (also balcony and deck collapses)
  • Drowning accidents in pools, ponds, and lakes
  • Assault and battery
  • Sexual assault
  • Fires (defective appliances, electrical issues, etc.)
Awning Rental Property Accident Injury Lawyer Injury Attorney sue lawsuit compensation incident accident
Our Latest Verdicts and Settlements

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$54 Million

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$22 Million

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Head Injury
Can I File a Lawsuit against Awning for Injuries at a Vacation Rental?

Yes, you can sue Awning for injuries at a property you rented through the company if your accident was caused by negligence or misconduct. Through a lawsuit, you can demand compensation for monetary damages like pain and suffering, medical expenses, and damage to your personal belongings.

The complication with these lawsuits is figuring out who is responsible for the accident. If you were renting directly from the landlord, this is the party who is liable under the laws of premises liability. However, Airbnb rental companies are supposed to handle cleaning and maintenance issues on behalf of the owner. But their duties are limited to certain tasks and duties, so it can be difficult to figure out who you can sue for accidents on the property.

The terms of service between owners and Awning should detail who is liable for injuries to guests and visitors. But these contracts are quite complicated, and interpreting the terms that are relevant to your case requires the expertise of a premises liability lawyer. It should also be noted that a third party, like a construction crew, may be at fault for accidents on the property.

With all these possibilities, things can get very complicated when you are trying to recover your losses after an Airbnb rental accident. To ensure that your case is resolved in a timely manner, call the Awning vacation rentals accident injury lawyers of DTLA.

How Much can I Receive from a Awning Vacation Rental Accident Claim?

Personal injury lawsuits against Awning are typically settled for $125,000 to $2,500,000 at our law firm. However, each case involves different injuries, their impact on the victim’s life, degree of negligence, and other crucial factors. Thus, it’s possible that one injury victim ends up with $15,000 in compensation, while someone else receives $5,000,000 for the losses they’ve suffered. Due to the wide ranges in settlement amounts for a Awning vacation rental lawsuit, we suggest that you contact an attorney at our law firm to discuss what your case is worth.

How Much Time will it Take to Settle my Case?

The process of settling an injury claim with Awning can take 6 to 12 months on average, though a lawsuit may be settled in just a few weeks. This is unusual however, and for the most part, we would say that these lawsuits take at least a few months from start to finish. Cases where the victim has severe injuries with permanent complications can take over 2 years, especially if the case goes to trial. Please note that less than 5% of personal injury cases are tried in court, so it’s more than likely that a settlement will be reached between you and the property management company.

Awning Rental Property Accident Injury Lawyer Attorney lawsuit liability compensation lawyer attorney sue
What is the Deadline to File a Lawsuit against Awning?

Those who were injured at a property managed by Awning have 2 years from the accident date if they wish to file a lawsuit. Keep in mind, however, that there are cases where the statute of limitations may be extended. If, for example, there is a discovery of injury after the 2-year period, you still have another year to sue Awning and anyone else that’s responsible for the accident.

The amount of time to file a lawsuit is much longer if you were sexually assaulted. For adults, the statute of limitations for a lawsuit is 10 years, while minors have 22 years to sue from the age of 18, or up until their 40th birthday. Alternatively, they can file a lawsuit within 5 years from the discovery of a physical or emotional injury caused by sexual assault.

We know all this can be overwhelming, but rest assured that our attorneys are here if you need to know the deadline for a Awning rental property accident injury claim.

Speak to a Airbnb Management Company Lawsuit Attorney

The personal injury lawyers of DTLA have decades of experience representing victims of injuries at short-term and extended stay rentals. We are ready to take immediate action on your case and bring you the damages you deserve if neglect by the management company or the property owner was the cause of your accident.

At our law firm, we have a Zero Fee Guarantee that you can take advantage of from the very first consultation. Essentially, there is no cost to you whatsoever, since all of our expenses are charged to the party you are suing. Our payment is paid as a part of your settlement award, so if you don’t get paid from a lawsuit against Awning, neither do we.

Contact our office to schedule a free initial case review with one of our legal experts. Or, ask us for a free second opinion if you have a current Awning vacation rental accident claim.

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