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Are Lawyers Negative People?

Are Lawyers Negative People? I was recently asked to address whether attorneys are negative or is it our profession that makes us highly suspect and skeptical. As an attorney you are privy to the lives of your clients and as a plaintiff’s attorney you are often exposed to the ugly truth. You see corporations exploit and take advantage of individuals for the benefit of the shareholders. Many times these victims are not given adequate representation and enter into settlement far below the value of their claim. Opinion of a humble Attorney: It is my opinion that attorneys are not negative people. Even though we are forced to deal with difficult facts and cases and are often required to make difficult decision,  overall we are positive people. I am often saddened when I have to let my clients know that an insurance company has offered them nothing or very little. But I am equally grateful that I have an opportunity to fight for their rights. To get justice when non was given. It is as if we are providing an equal playing field through the law. Since we established Downtown L.A. Law Group I have been exposed to hundreds of cases. These cases often bring forth the sometimes difficult realities of life. And it is hard to make sense of my clients injuries, or to make sense of insurance companies who offer them pennies on the dollar. But, I am happy to know that they have competent and caring representation. When you are able to provide compensation for the injuries of your client, it gives you great joy. To know that you were somehow instrumental in the future of their financial health is an amazing feeling. In fact it is one of the many reasons I decided to be an attorney. While there are many facets of my job and day-to-day routine that can be challenging I am always positive that what we provide as a service is indispensable. The value of our services cannot be valued in dollars, but in the benefit and comfort we provide to the lives of our clients. So to answer this question which a colleague of mine asked, NO we are not negative people. In fact most attorneys I know are some of the most positive people. We are optimistic that we can achieve the results our clients expect of us.

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