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Hospital Food Poisoning Lawsuit | Foodborne Illness Claims

Hospital Food Poisoning Lawsuit | Foodborne Illness Claims Hospital food poisoning can be a serious issue. Considering the fact that patients are already weakened and can suffer significant bodily harm after exposure to contaminated foods, these types of injuries can be serious. Hospitals that fail to consider the care of their patients will be held liable for the injuries they have sustained. When hospitals fail to properly supervise the packaging of the food or fail to keep clean such areas, they will be held liable for injuries sustained by  patients.

Hospital Liability for Food Poisoning

A hospital has a duty to provide quality food to its patients, which is free from contamination. Since hospitals are often bacteria filled locations, they often contract out their food requirements to 3rd parties. These catering companies will be charged with the duty to prepare the food and deliver it to hospitals for disbursement. However, even these companies can fail to keep food from contamination. In such cases both the hospital and the 3rd party catering company can be held liable. In order to determine who is at fault we will investigate the history and determine what cause the illness. Often times contamination can occur at the hospital or at the facility in which the food was processed. In such cases it is important to immediately have the appropriate labs and experts test the product to determine where it came about. If it is determined that the catering company was at fault the hospital will likely have little liability, unless they knew of the contamination. However, if it proven that the contamination occurred because of hospital negligence, then they would be liable.

Steps to Take After a Diagnosis of Food Poisoning from Hospital Food

Regardless of the degree of the injury it is advised that you seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. In certain cases injured parties may have significant injuries associated with coming in contact with contaminated foods. If they are already injured or if their immune system is weak they will be likely to suffer from such exposure. If you have been injured from exposure to contaminated food here are some steps you should take: 1.  First immediately make a report with the hospital and make sure the event is documented; 2. Get medical attention if needed. Speak with your nurse or doctor and get the necessary medical treatment. 3. Speak with a personal injury attorney about your case. it is likely that you may be able to pursue a cause of action for your injuries. Further Information: Staute of Limitations for Filing a Food Poisoning Lawsuit Medical Malpractice Lawsuit  

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