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An FBI raid at FCI Dublin serves as a reminder of the seriousness of the abuse allegations against federal prisons.

Breaking News: The FBI Raided Women’s Prison

Investigators with the FBI seized computers and documents. According to the federal agency, the raid was part of a “court authorized law enforcement activity.” Although there has been no confirmation from the FBI, the raid appears to be a part of an ongoing sex abuse investigation. Legal analyst Steven Clark stated that the raid is a part of the agency “casting a wide net” in order to look into the “prison and the corruption of the individuals at the prison” and to not fully “rely on information from the inmates.” According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FDOP), there is a new warden at the prison; a spokesperson also confirmed that the situation at the Dublin prison required new executive employees.

Investigators have been looking into years of sexual abuse at the prison. So far, at least eight employees have been charged for the sexual abuse of inmates. Five of them pleaded guilty and two were convicted after trial. According to the lawyer representing the victims, there was a pattern of the “guards intentionally targeting immigrant women [under the assumption] that those women would be deported” upon their release and that they wouldn’t be held accountable for their actions.

The conditions at FCI Dublin are so serious that it got the attention of Former Representative Spieir. While still in-office, Spier was denied access to inmates who claimed to be raped. Spieir continues to work alongside the Coalition for Women Prisoners to uncover the ongoing abuse at Dublin prison as well as at other prisons in the country. The end goal is to change the culture of abuse and cover-ups in these prisons.

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About the Federal Correctional Institution Dublin (FCI Dublin)

The FCI Dublin is a low security prison for women in Dublin, California. It opened in 1974 and become a women-only facility decades later in 2012. In 2021, the prison was investigated by the Associated Press (AP) for what they claimed was “permissive and toxic culture…of sexual misconduct by predatory employees.” AP also stated that inmates complained of the “rampant sexual abuse” at the hands of officers; when they complained, they were threatened or physically punished. This investigation resulted in a plea deal for the prison chaplain and a sexual offense conviction for former warden Ray J. Garcia.

Can I Sue FCI Dublin for Sexual Assault?

Of course, you can sue the party that committed the sexual abuse. However, based on the details surrounding the abuse, victims could also have the right to sue certain entities. This is because there is always someone who is responsible for overseeing these facilities or employees. For example, Ray J. Garcia, the former warden who was convicted, was supposed to be the one making sure that the staff at the prison did not abuse inmates. In a case like this, who else can be held responsible? Who can be held responsible for the actions of the warden? The warden worked under the supervision of the FBOP; therefore, the FBOP could be held liable as their actions or inaction directly contributed to the abuse that inmates suffered. The most important thing to understand is that multiple parties or entities could share responsibility for the sexual abuse of inmates. Here at our law firm, we are committed to holding these entities accountable to ensure that victims get justice – and to prevent other inmates from suffering similar abuse in these facilities.

Without a doubt, pursuing these claims can be very complicated. Whether you are a former FCI Dublin inmate or you are still incarcerated, you might have questions about your right to sue.

Can I File a Lawsuit against the Prison if I am Still Incarcerated?

Although you certainly lose many rights when you are incarcerated, you do not lose your right to sue for the harm that you suffered due to the negligence of a party or entity. Can I sue the prison for sexual abuse even if I am still incarcerated? Yes, you can file a lawsuit for your injuries – whether injuries are physical, mental, and/or emotional.

For former inmates, filing a lawsuit would be as simple as reaching out to a personal injury lawyer experienced in sexual abuse at prisons. However, things are more complicated for current inmates. This is primarily due to the requirement that inmates go through the prison’s specific grievance procedures; because these procedures vary based on the facility, we cannot effectively outline them here. What is worse is that these procedures are often purposefully complex – so many victims are discouraged from taking any action whatsoever.

Even though holding the prison system accountable for their negligent actions (or inaction) can be complicated, you must not be discouraged. In fact, having the appropriate representation can make the process a lot easier on your end. That is, an expert on inmate sexual abuse will take care of everything so that you do not have to deal with the burden of the complicated procedures. If you are ready to explore your legal options and learn more about your right to sue, contact us today. Our team is ready to help you pursue your sexual abuse claim against an FCI Dublin employee and the FBOP.

Participating in a Class Action Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse at FCI Dublin

Currently, there is no active class action lawsuit. Still, this does not mean that here will not be any class action. Class action lawsuits take long to develop; victims must come forward to bring forth claims and the legal team must get the class certified, all before litigation can even begin. Considering that the criminal charges and convictions for the abuse that women suffered at the Dublin prison occurred just last year, there is plenty of time for class action claims to arise. Women continue to come forward with their experiences of sexual abuse at the prison. Every single victim has the right to pursue individual lawsuits; depending on the number of victims that come forward, class action lawsuits can be filed (claimants are essentially grouped into the class action). If you have any questions about participating in a class action lawsuit for sexual abuse, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Our experts are ready to provide you with absolutely all the information that you need to fight for your rights and get justice.

What is the Average Value of a Federal Correctional Institute Dublin Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

This is a very important question. If your lawsuit is successful, you could be entitled to receive compensation for all medical costs, pain and suffering, punitive damages, legal costs, and more. In general, sexual abuse cases against prisons are high value settlements. Individual claims can be worth anywhere from $500,000 to $1.75 million, for example, although claims can be worth more. Ultimately, case value will be based on the number of times the sexual abuse occurred, the severity of the resulting harm, total medical costs (including costs for mental health services), the gross negligence of the prison and the overseeing entity, and more. For a more case-specific evaluation of the possible value of your claim, reach out to our lawyers as soon as possible.

How Long Does it Take to Settle Prison Sexual Abuse Cases?

Well, these cases can take anywhere from just a few months to many years to settle. The time it takes to resolve your case will depend on multiple factors, like the type of abuse, the extent of your physical, mental, and emotional harm, and more; another factor is the defendants’ liability and whether they admit fault. In general, complex claims will take longer to settle than a straightforward case. In addition, it is important to understand that class action lawsuits will always take much longer to settle when compared to individual personal injury lawsuits for sexual abuse.

FCI Dublin Lawsuit Attorneys Abuse Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue
How Long Do I Have to File My Lawsuit?

Of course, it is important to understand the statute of limitations, which establishes the time that claimants have to file their claims. Under California law, victims of sexual abuse have 10 years from the date of the abuse to file their lawsuits. If the sexual abuse was recurring, then the 10-year timeline starts running from the date of the last incident. There is also a 3-year discovery rule, which gives victims 3 years from discovery of the abuse to file their lawsuit; this discovery rule is important because some victims may be unaware of the abuse. This deadline applies to incidents of sexual abuse that occurred on/after January 1, 2019.

If you were abused before this time, you may still have the right to sue under AB 2777, which gives victims a 3-year window to file for sexual abuse that occurred from the 10-year period between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2019. Without a doubt, it can be confusing to try and figure out exactly what deadline applies to your claim. To ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the total length of time that you have to sue, contact our prison sexual abuse lawyers today.

Contact Our Sexual Abuse Lawyers at Downtown L.A. Law Group

If you were sexually abused, you could have the right to file a lawsuit for the harm that you suffered. Were you abused while you were in prison? Are you still imprisoned? Regardless, you may still have the right to file a sexual abuse claim and fight for your rights. You deserve justice for the harm that you suffered.

Here at the Downtown L.A. Law Group, our legal team is committed to fighting for the rights of our clients. To ensure that we remain as accessible as possible, we offer free legal services. These free legal services include free consultations and free second opinions. During these free legal services, our team will be available to answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and provide you with the guidance that you need to win your claim. Our team offers a Zero-Fee Guarantee, meaning that you will not be required to pay any upfront legal costs for any of our legal services. In addition, our team works on contingency, meaning that our clients will not pay anything if they do not win.

Contact us today. Our expert prison sexual abuse lawyers are ready to evaluate your claim and provide you with the guidance that you need to fight for justice after the abuse that you suffered at FCI Dublin.

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