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Challenger Memorial Youth Center Lawsuit Lawyer

Sexual abuse at Los prietos boys camp lawyer attorney sue compensation incident liability

Were you sexually abused while staying at the Challenger Memorial Youth Center in Lancaster, California? In that case, you have probably heard about the plans to repurpose the former juvenile detention facility, which was closed in 2019. In 2022, the Los Angeles County Board of Directors announced that the Antelope Valley Juvenile Camp will be converted into a vocational training facility.

Whatever happens with this facility, we know that there are many victims who were triggered by the announcement due to their traumatic experience as an inmate at Challenger Memorial Youth Center. Perhaps you were one of the many children who were targeted by a sexual predator and suffered emotional and physical harm due to negligence by a broken system. If so, we would like the opportunity to speak with you and help you explore the option of suing the County of Los Angeles for sexual abuse at a juvenile hall program.

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Sexual Abuse at Challenger Memorial Youth Center Lawsuit Lawyer sue compensation incident liability
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What is Happening with the Challenger Memorial Youth Center?

Several years ago, plans were approved to repurpose the Challenger Memorial Youth Center into a residential job training facility for youths 18 to 25 years old. The program will mainly serve homeless young adults, former juvenile inmates, and those who have aged out of the foster care system.

In essence, what was once the largest juvenile detention camp in the country will now be used on a voluntary basis by those who need housing, education and job skills in order to improve their lives. Along with job training, there will on-site support services like child care, mental health counselors, and career counseling.

According to a county supervisors report, this project is a way to invest in our youth by “turning away from incarcerating young people and moving toward educating and supporting them, by transforming a punitive detention facility into a place of home, opportunity and hope.”

We are all in favor of closing down negligent youth detention centers and creating opportunities for disenfranchised individuals. But where was the education, support, opportunity and hope for the children who were incarcerated at Challenger Memorial Youth Center for over 3 decades? Frankly, “punitive detention facility” is a flattering description of this camp, which had a massive capacity of 660 inmates.

Our attorneys know for a fact that minors were physically and sexually abused at this facility, just like they were at all the juvenile halls and camps that used to operate throughout Los Angeles County. We have spoken to many of the victims, who are still haunted by the memories of sexual assault and relentless harassment from probation officers and other staff members. And no matter how the county government chooses to repurpose the Challenger camp, it won’t make up for the pain and suffering that was inflicted on so many innocent children.

We are committed to representing the victims of sexual abuse at Challenger Memorial Youth Center and securing the compensation they deserve from the LA County Probation Department. Contact us today and talk to a juvenile hall sexual abuse lawsuit attorney.

Can I Sue for being Sexually Abused at Challenger Memorial Youth Center?

Yes, you can sue for sexual abuse that you experienced at Challenger Memorial Youth Center and receive justice in the form of monetary compensation. Some people assume that you can’t file a lawsuit against a juvenile hall that is no longer in operation, but you can still claim damages from the entity in charge of the facility. This is the Los Angeles County Probation Department, and you right to sue is based on acts of negligence that caused you to become a victim of child sexual abuse.

At the end of the day, neglect is the reason why many of these youth centers closed down over the years. But the true scale of sexual misconduct by staff members is still being uncovered as more victims come forward with harrowing accounts of what they went through. Some of them were threatened into staying quiet, while others were ignored when they went to an administrator for help. Inmates whose cases were investigated were told that the evidence just wasn’t there, when the opposite was true. If the evidence was too strong to ignore, the offending employee was quietly transferred to another program, where they went on to abuse other kids.

All in all, the failure to protect inmates from sexual abuse cannot go unpunished, and this is why we are dedicated to fighting for the rights of former Challenger Memorial Youth Center inmates. To discuss your case with an experienced juvenile hall sexual assault lawyer, call us to schedule a free case review.

Can I Join a Challenger Memorial Youth Center Sexual Abuse Class Action Lawsuit?

Yes, you can choose to be part of a class action lawsuit with others who were sexually abused at the Challenger Memorial Youth Center. All you have to do is contact our office and talk to a juvenile hall abuse class action lawyer. We can help you with every step of the process, from filing a claim to negotiating a fair amount of compensation. However, we want you give you a chance to ask questions and learn more about these lawsuits from a lawyer with experience in child sexual abuse cases. That way, you can be sure that filing a lawsuit with other abuse victims is the best course of action.

Average Value of a Challenger Memorial Youth Center Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Settlement values for a Challenger Memorial Youth Center sexual assault case typically fall between $2,500,000 and $5,000,000. For lawsuits based on sexual harassment / solicitation, the average lawsuit may be settled for around $500,000 to $1,500,000. The highest amounts of compensation are associated with class action lawsuits, which may be settled for $100,000,000 to $500,000,000, though some cases are worth $50,000,000 or less.

We hope this information is helpful to you, but please note that case values are unique, just like each of the clients we fight for on a daily basis. If you’d like to find out how much you can receive from a sexual abuse lawsuit against Challenger Memorial Youth Center, call us for a free consultation.

How Long will it Take to Reach a Settlement?

It takes 12 to 24 months on average to negotiate a settlement on behalf of a child sexual abuse victim. With that in mind, your lawsuit against the Challenger Memorial Youth Center will probably take over 1 year from start to finish. For cases with complicated issues, like gross negligence that resulted in extreme injuries to the victim, reaching a settlement can take 18 to 24 months.

It may turn out that taking your case to trial is the best option, but this is only necessary in less than 10% of all sexual abuse lawsuits. If we need to request a trial, it may be 3 or more years before you receive payment from a Challenger Memorial Youth Center sexual misconduct lawsuit.

Sexual Abuse at Challenger Memorial Youth Center Lawsuit Lawyer lawsuit liability compensation lawyer attorney sue
What is the Time Limit to Sue Challenger Memorial Youth Center for Sexual Abuse?

Those who are 18 or older when they were abused at the Challenger Memorial Youth Center have 10 years from the most recent incident of abuse to file a lawsuit against Los Angeles County. If you were a child at the time, i.e., you were younger than 18, you will need to submit a compensation claim no later than your 40th birthday. In other words, you have 22 years to file a child sexual abuse lawsuit from when you reach the age of consent under California law.

For child victims, they can also file a lawsuit within 5 years of realizing an injury stemming from sexual abuse. At a juvenile hall, for example, it’s likely that the child will keep the abuse to themselves, as they are scared of retaliation from snitching. And those who are brave enough to file a complaint often discover that the administrators are not on their side. With either circumstance, suppressing memories of the incidents and moving on as if nothing happened is the only thing that makes sense to a child.

Sadly, repeated suppression of traumatic memories can lead to significant mental health issues. These are examples of psychological injuries caused by sexual abuse, but understanding how they developed can happen very late in a victim’s life. That’s why the discovery rule lets you file a child sexual assault lawsuit within 5 years from learning about an injury, rather than limiting the statute of limitation to a specific age.

The discovery rule can be a difficult concept to understand, which is why it’s in your best interest contact a juvenile detention center sexual abuse attorney. That way, you can be 100% sure about the deadline to file a Challenger Memorial Youth Center sexual abuse lawsuit.

Contact a Challenger Memorial Youth Center Sexual Abuse Lawyer

The cost of hiring a lawyer should never hold you back from contacting an experienced sexual abuse law firm. The attorneys of DTLA Law Group work on contingency, so there’s nothing for you to pay if you decide we are the right law firm to represent you. We have a Zero Fee Guarantee policy, where the cost of legal fees is reimbursed to us by LA County at the same time they release your settlement check. That’s the only way we get paid, so you owe us absolutely nothing if we don’t win your case

Please take this opportunity to speak with a lawyer who can help you sue Challenger Memorial Probation Camp for sexual abuse.

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