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Testim Testosterone Gel Lawsuit – Class Action 2014

Testim Testosterone Gel Lawsuit – Class Action 2014 The testosterone treatment therapy Testim is a clear translucent topical gel which contains 1% testosterone approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2002. According to recently published studies the use of testosterone therapy medications has been shown to significantly increase the risk of serious cardiovascular complications including heart attacks, blood clots and stroke resulting in death. In reaction our law firm has begun to aggressively investigate possible class action and single party claim against the pharmaceutical manufacturers of Testim and other low t therapy medications.

Filing a Class Action Lawsuit Against Testim Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Class action lawsuits are filed when there are a large number injured persons who have an identical cause of action against an at fault party. Additionally certification of a class action lawsuit requires that the plaintiff leading the claim in the court of law has interests that are aligned with those of the other class members and that he is able to adequately represent the claims of all class members. Damages Compensable in Unsafe Drug Side Effect Lawsuits: Those injured due to the intentional, reckless or negligent actions of others are entitled to financial recovery under the law. The value of a personal injury – defective product case is dependent on several significant factors unique to every case. Some of the most important factors in determining an estimated settlement value of your case are as follows..
  • The severity of the harm suffered – diagnosis of the medical conditions suffered as well as the cost of medical and rehabilitation care.
  • Pain and suffering associated with the harm suffered resulting from the use of unsafe prescription medications.
  • Los of wages and loss of future income
  • Loss of consortium of loved ones
Defective Product Claims and Punitive Damage Compensation: Punitive damages are awarded based on the egregious actions of liable parties. Generally punitive damages in unsafe drug cases are awarded to victims when manufacturers either fail to properly warn consumers of all known dangers or decide to sell the product to consumers even when they know of such dangers associated with the use of their drugs before distribution. Right of Family Members to Files a Wrongful Death Lawsuit: In almost all jurisdictions across the country certain family members of loved ones who have perished due to the use of unsafe medications have the right to file a civil claim for monetary recovery against at fault parties. Speaking With An Attorney: Our law firm understands the difficulty of dealing with severe medical side effects due to the use of unduly dangerous prescriptions medications. Our attorneys offer all victims of unsafe drugs confidential and free case evaluation. Feel free to contact our law offices of you have any legal questions pertaining to your case.


I used testim for many yrs. Although I had heart disease prior, using testim magnified the problem. I ended up having triple by pass surgery. I very well can be facing heart failure. I hope you can help.


My husband had got hurt at work and due to the drugs he was on his bone density was suffering . So he was put on the testim cream. He developed lung cancer in the upper lope of his lung-where he applied the testim cream. He got a tumor on his brain which was successfully removed..On his way to full recovery he got clots in his lungs which he died of. In a matter of less then a year I lost my husband. Respritrory failure was his cause of death…Not the cancer!!

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