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Risperdal Tardive Dyskinesia Lawsuit – Attorney for Class Action Claims

Risperdal Tardive Dyskinesia Lawsuit – Attorney for Class Action Claims According to reports and studies conducted by scientific research institutions the antipsychotic drug Risperdal has been linked to the neurological disorder Tardive Dyskinesia. Terdive Dyskinesia is a severe neurological conditions resulting in damage to the central nervous system. Such damage often lead to uncontrolled involuntary and in many instances repetitive movement of  body parts. According to various studies and reports conducted by the Food and Drug Administration Tardive Dyskinesia may be caused by the intake of the prescription drug medication Rispedral. Signs and Symptoms of  Tardive Dyskinesi may include
  • Uncontrollable movements of voluntary muscle groups
  • Constant movement of the mouth and tongue
  • Numbness of the tongue
  • jaw Swinging
  • Repeated Lip Smacking
  • Uncontrollable movements of the limbs

Filing a Product Liability Lawsuit Against Risperdal Manufacturers

Dangerous drug side effect cases require the proving of the existence of a defect in either the design, manufacturing of labeling of the product. 1. Design Defect: Can be proven by showing a resistance of a concurrent design of comparable manufacturing cost which presented a reduced risk of harm to the consumer. 2. Manufacturing Process Defect: Can be proven by showing the manufactured and distributed drug was markedly different and as a result more dangerous than the products original design. 3. Labeling Defect – Failure to Properly Warn: Drug manufacturers owe consumers of their products a duty to warn of any known and or knowable dangers associated with the use of their products. Types of Compensation Available for Victims of Dangerous Drugs: Victims of serious medical complications including tardive dyskinesia due to the taking of Risperdal are entitled to financial recovery for all their losses including
  • All medical and health related expenses.
  • Cost of future medical and rehabilitation care.
  • Pain and suffering including emotional trauma.
  • Lost wages and loss of future income due to complications of tardive dyskinesia.
  • Punitive damage awards – possible where the manufacturer of the defective anti-psychotic medication displayed wanton or reckless disregard for the life and health consumers.
Attorney Representation: Our law firm is proud to protect the rights of individuals who have suffered serious medical side effects caused by dangerous and defective prescription medication. To contact our attorneys for a free no cost case evaluations regarding your claim call toll free (855)385-2529. Further Information: Risperdal Class Action Lawsuit Statute of Limitations Risperdal Lawsuit


Are you taking Tardive Dyskinesia cases for Risperdal?


Are you taking tardive dyskinesia cases for risperdal?


im 30 years old an was on multiple prescription drugs for numerous years. I do believe that when i started taking them is when i also began to constantly jerk always have my tongue out during almost everything i do, as well as the puffing out my face and arm waving spratically

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