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Benicar Linked to Celiac Disease and Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Benicar Linked to Celiac Disease and Gastrointestinal Symptoms For years thousands of individuals who have taken the heart pressure / hypertension medication Benicar have experienced harmful side effects including rapid weight loss and chronic diarrhea. According to recently published studies a large percentage of individuals who suffered such complication have been mis-diagnosed with a host of gastrointestinal complications ranging from Celiac disease to Crohn’s and Ulcerative colitis. In reality these individual were in fact suffering severe cases of spruelike enteropathy, a dangerous side effect of Olmesartan the active ingredient in Benicar. Misdiagnosis of Celiac Disease Due to Taking of Benicar: Recent reports have confirmed signs and symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders including Celiac amongst patients who were actively taking Benicar. According to Dr. Peter Green, director of the Celiac Disease Center, his center has seen several individuals who have been suffering from celiac disease type symptoms while taking the drug. Many of these patients have suffered from severe secondary ailments including renal (kidney) failure. According to  recent Mayo Clinic study individuals who had been misdiagnosed with celiac disease while on Benicar were relieved of almost all their symptoms while they were taken of the medication. what more these patients GI symptoms relapsed when they started taking Benicar after their hospital stay. FDA Warning for Benicar Medication: Benicar contains Olmesartan, an angiotensin II receptor blocker, According to the FDA close to 1.2 million have been prescribed medications containing Olmesartan over the past decade. In July of 2013 the FDA issues a warning stating that the use of Benciar can result in Celiac like symptoms including severe, chronic diarrhea with substantial weight loss. Recovery is Available for Victims of Benicar Side Effects: The past two decade have witnessed the massive expansion of product liability litigation against pharmaceutical companies for the production of distribution of drugs containing active ingredients which may pose a serious danger to the general populations. This has coincided with the massive increase in the intake of prescription drugs by the US population. In fact since 1975 there have been a 20 fold per capita increase in the use or prescription drugs. Unfortunately in a rush to increase profit many drug companies rush medications to market without conducting the proper testing required to establish their efficacy. In other instanced drug manufacturers know or have reason to know of the dangers associated with the use of their drug but make the strategic decision to manufacture the distributed the product. Personal injury laws allow individuals who have suffered such harm to receive compensation for all damages incurred including
  • All medical hospitalization and rehabilitation costs.
  • Economic Damage – including lost wage and loss of income.
  • Non Economic Damages – including pain and suffering and emotional anguish resulting from the injuries incurred.
Legal Assistance: If you have any further information regarding possible claims against manufacturers of Benicar feel free to contact our law offices. Further Information: Benicar Class Action Lawsuit Information

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